YouTube Is Introducing Its New Look And There Is A Lot For You To Look For. Maybe!

YouTube Welcomes Material Design.

YouTube New Look

Finally after a long long time, Google is changing its old Youtube look and is planning to give it a brand new material design. This YouTube’s New Look rolled out in US previous month and now is available to some of the users in India as well.

What’s New In YouTube’s New Look?

Though not much has changed, Google is definitely trying to bring Youtube in the pattern of Material design like all their other Apps and services. Besides giving it a material design Google has played a bit with icons and major buttons. The square icons have taken a circular design and Subscribe button has got a special coverage below the videos (Maybe to let the users aware of that they have this feature as well). With this new design, YouTube has opted to go for the simple white background instead of YouTube’s box-heavy card design.

YouTube's New Look

The Dark Theme In YouTube’s New Look

With not much improvements in User Interface and traditional design, YouTube has made it a lot easier to enable their dark mode feature, which can be enabled by simply clicking it under the user icon. An old concept yet a crucial one for watching videos in the dark was somewhere hidden in the settings before and was known to quite a less number of people.

YouTube's New LookYouTube's New Look TheMagZone

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YouTube's New Look

With These Updates, Google has overall made the look neater and a lot easy to handle.

You can try out the new Youtube look Here. If You do not like the new material design and wish to revert back to the traditional one, you can do so by clicking “Restore class YouTube” in the accounts menu.

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