In A World Full Of Chandler And Ross Find Yourself Someone Like Mike

A guy like mike
A guy like mike

I am a huge F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan but anyone will easily relate to this article and will agree with the facts and points presented. Getting the best partner, someone you always wanted is one of the wonderful things to happen. We all know about Chandler and Ross and how they ended with Monica and Rachel respectively. But the love story of Phoebe and Mike has always been an intriguing one. Chandler, someone who is your best friend at the start and then finally ends up being your life partner. Ross, who is a one-sided lover from many years and then finally gets his girl after a lot of hurdles. Look for Mike, someone you meet coincidently and then end up being his life partner.

So here are 6 times when you will realize that you need someone like Mike in your life:

1. Mike was the sweet and funny guy Phoebe got

Crapbag and Princess Consuela Banana Hammock were weird in a perfect way. Remember when Mike asked Phoebe out with the cutest piano serenade? It was the best thing someone did for Phoebe. And trust me it is not easy to find guys who do not care what the world thinks and how it judges them. For them, all that matters is that the best treasure they got should always be happy.

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2. He proposed her three times even when he did not believe in marriage

Because sometimes you do things that matter to her more. “I keep trying to propose in these stupid ways and all I wanna do is tell you that I Love You and I want to spend the rest of my life with you“. Find yourself a person who is ready to do things that make you happy and for doing something like that he does not think about himself and about leaving his comfort zone.

3. He couldn’t stop loving and being with her even when they were broken up

They temporarily end their relationship when Phoebe learns that Mike has been through a disastrous marriage and that he never wants to remarry. Mike after learning that Phoebe’s first love, David, is planning to propose to her changes his mind about marriage and proposes to Phoebe. And this is what happens when it is true love, it always traces its path back to each other.

4. One of the best weddings

Mike wanted her and it did not matter where they were getting married. The two are married in the street outside the Central Perk coffeehouse. Wow!

Phoebe: When I was growing up, I didn’t have a normal mom and dad, or a regular family like everybody else, and I always knew that something was missing. But now I’m standing here today, knowing that I have everything I’m ever gonna need. You are my family.

Mike: Phoebe you’re so beautiful. You’re so kind, you’re so generous. You’re so wonderfully weird. Every day with you is an adventure, and I can’t believe how lucky I am, and I can’t wait to share my life with you forever.

5. Mike did not fail to express his love for her even in front of his own parents

Because he loves her and doesn’t fail to express. He first confesses his love for Phoebe in front of his parents, Theodore and Bitsy who were from an upper-class background. They don’t like Phoebe but for Mike, all that matters is her and the fact that she is not here to pass the tests of his parents. And the moment you find a guy like that, don’t, just don’t let him go!

6. How they met was a coincidence but they find each other as the perfect couple

Thanks to Joey. He had forgotten to arrange a blind date for Phoebe and in order to prove his claim that he has arranged a date with an old friend, he goes to Central Perk. He shouted “Mike” and met Phoebe’s perfect life partner. It’s not necessary that the guy you love comes in a properly planned manner. The best love stories happen when you don’t have a plan and it just happens by coincidence.

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For some people, it may matter that how you meet or how your first interaction was but the most important thing is how you end up. How you become perfect for each other in one way or the other. Some fans do not consider Mike as a very strong character while some do, but the qualities mentioned above make him special. He at times is considered the ‘Seventh friend‘ of the group.

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