6 Words That Change Your Food Vocabulary When You Grow Up

Growing up translates your dictionary from caring to conscious, amazing to good and love to second thoughts.

There are these few words/phrases that ended up changing our lives to sound more healthy and nutritive in terms of food habits.


The fast-food chains are the adorable pieces of life, but certainly, they appear in the section of stale food.

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Clinging to the great friends’ group and heading for the newly described “unhygienic” – the street food was the joy. Yet, we grow up and see the cleanliness of it which was once the khana we survived in.


The ultimate ‘feel good vibe‘ which comes from the messed up yet sorted life, is the love for FOOD. Growing up changes this love to a lustre and sneaking the old monk to asking for whisky on the rocks. Engineers know the pain.

The work drives you in being complicated, as in we were never before. The pressure about boards to choosing the streams and pleading parents for it was easier (it seems) than drafting emails and getting paid.

And the word that removes the complication is high. Why grown-ups can’t get high on aloo paratha?

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Life gets a little practical and sophisticated when driving yourself to a three or five-star restaurant. No elbows on the table, use of appropriate spoon and basically the well known “table manners” which unfortunately drives us into a lot of nothing but an elegant form of boredom.

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Certainly, that’s not what I really meant but secretly wish to seek outside on the corner for a pani-puri wala or jump over MCDs. Please, Lord!


Outside the life of cage of the daily schedule, food just leads you to the immense deep happiness which has no comparison with any other thing in this entire world. The life sounds hectic now. And we dig ourselves to the pressure of work and family without seeking ourselves in it.

To maintain this hectic schedule we tend to eat fresh, nutritive healthy food (just the tags). Back to back school and tuitions was life back then and jotting with files and sitting on the rotating office chair gives you a word called HECTIC.


This sounds to give more pitty to the food than the caste system that calls out SC or ST. Growing up does require a little change in diet but not a scheduled change in diet. Thinking about sugar levels, cholesterol, weight gain, bloating drives you towards them with the thought itself. Kindly spare FOOD for blaming it.

Do remember blaming about the death by chocolate which you ate instead of having dinner or sneaking at 2 A.M. for night snacks? Did you ever had cholesterol or diabetes then?


I hated this word since I took chemistry and I hate it, even more, when it has to do something with food.

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The cheese burst pizza or the pesto doesn’t fit on our menu since we started to shop for lettuce leaves, skimmed milk, ragi biscuits, broccoli and many more. And we count the carbohydrates and fats. The chips and bourbon don’t count in suddenly.

Life gives you heck. The phenomenal form of strain that drives you to seek worldly pressures about your mind and body. But food is the soul. Crying over your health and hygiene drags far away from what you love. And if this sounds cheat to your body. Cheat it!

The healthiest form to survive is to live. Move around, keep your friends close, memories fresh and eat what you want to.