6 Reasons Why Women Don’t Really Care About Men’s Looks

According to men, women’s defining point to commence a relationship are looks. I apologize to burst the bubble of your misinterpretation. Your chiseled body and gelled hair may make us turn our heads to you for a moment, but they are not aspects which impact our opinion on you. Your appearance does not decide our relation; whether being a friend or more than that.Trust me Women Don’t Really Care About Men’s Looks.

Have you not seen a woman walking down a lane holding hand of bald, excess of his size or malnutrition? Must you have murmured ‘Yeh kaisi Jodi he?’ or ‘Yeh isse kaise patt gayi?’ Real women don’t really care about men’s looks but desire other qualities to live with him.

1. Respect

I am not talking about chivalry – honor, courtesy and justice. This is neither about opening doors nor pulling chairs. For us, respect is the admiration of our qualities, abilities and achievements. Your attention to our thoughts and emotions is all the respect we believe to be deserved.

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2. Humor

First and foremost quality which attracts women and indulges into conversation with a man is his humor. One who can make a conversation lively and humorous does gain brownie points. You may complain, you are humorous, but she just moved on rolling her eyes. My dear, humor does not mean insulting or demeaning someone. Humor does not push back decent conversational skills. One who fails to make a conversation worth having can walk back with blazer hanging down your shoulder.

Women Don't Really Care About Men's Looks

3. Self…

Women love to be with a man who is self-confident, self-reliant and behave like oneself.

  • One who takes a step he believes in a right way using right logic displays self-confidence. A person with self-confidence creates an aura of positivity and women love to spend their worthy time with them.
  • Self-reliant is a lot different from self-centric. Your self-centric nature is a gigantic black dot on the white paper. How much ever you try to present yourself if your stories revolve around your Rajnikanth style ending in a show-off – bye, bye!
  • And yes! Please show your talent of impersonation in a fun game, not in real life. We would like to see the real you, not someone else you are trying to appear as.

Women Don't Really Care About Men's Looks

4. Women Don’t Really Care About Men’s Looks. All They Want Is Supportive – Encouraging Men

Women Don’t Really Care About Men’s Looks.Women like men who are supporting and encouraging more than the one who takes over things. For example, if someone is teasing us, you should support us to stand for ours-self and encourage us to face them instead of you doing it for us. If you help us to believe in our-selves in hard times, we will believe you at all times.

Women Don't Really Care About Men's Looks

5. Non-judgemental space

No! We are not asking you to stay away. Space is not about a break. We need a personal time out to revive ourselves the way you need time for yourself. Men who can understand the real meaning of personal space and let us live our lives the way we want without judging is all we need to fall for you. If you respect our personal time with friends and family, we respect your respect.

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6. Hygiene

Women Don’t Really Care About Men’s Looks.Body odor, creased shirts, slipping down unbelted pants sweep us away from you. We are not asking for a designer or branded jackets or suites (we really don’t care about them), but we are expecting washed and ironed attires. Beard or no beard, if you look presentable, we will love to go out with you. The way we hate body odor, we also hate body sprays and perfume shower gel you take. Their smell is pleasant till they are minimal; every over the top thing makes us walk away.

Women Don't Really Care About Men's Looks

As I stated at first, Women Don’t Really Care About Men’s Looks. All we care about is above stated primary qualities in men which are more than looks. What do you think? Share your views with us.