She Is A ‘Woman’: Strong Like Draupadi And Exquisite Like Sita

When you talk about a woman, there is always one person that comes to your mind.  She may be your mother or wife or even a friend.Now when you think about them, have you wondered how beautiful and vulnerable she is? Well maybe yes. But have you given a thought about the strength that she displays in all her tough times?

Considering your own mother, do you know how she manages to be strong like Draupadi and be exquisite like Sita all at the same time? Or have you not been a part of a woman whom you have not missed out calling her as Mother Teresa sometimes and Rani Lakshmi Bai at the other times.

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A Woman, no matter how complicated she is, she will always stand by your side and guide you when you fall back.She is something that you should know about.

She is a Woman, and she is the strongest you will ever know.
She is frail and fragile, and yet there’s no one as fierce and unbending as her.
She is stubborn and stern, nevertheless, she keeps her loved ones wish before her.
She may be cranky but yet composes herself in the utmost possible way.

She is rude and arrogant, and yet her love is the only thing that will soothe your pain.
She may get hysteric, nevertheless can carry the calm posture all her day.
She is bold and independent, and can still recoil in grief and fear.
She can be terrifying, and still be the shelter to shield you from outrage.
She may be the melodramatic one, and yet keep her mouth mum throughout the day.

She is weak and emotional and yet manages to plaster a smile on her face.
She is beautiful and elegant and masks her scars in a glorious way.
She can be a teacher, a daughter, a mother, a wife, a friend or your guide.
For all the roles that she plays in your life,
she is an unyielding headstrong woman under her face.

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To everyone woman out there, you are beautiful and pretty in every way. The MagZone says THANKYOU for being strong and happy always.

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