Witch Hunt By UnErase Poetry Is A Must Listen Poem For All The Women Out There

This beautiful poem Witch Hunt by UnErase Poetry is so well performed that it will fill your hearts with fierceness and touch your soul to its core. Kate Black- Regan and Nupur Saraswat are the witches who have casted a spell on the people with their spoken word poetry.

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Women have always been hunted by the society for many absurd reasons. It is almost as if it is a witch hunt; For body shaming, being queer, victimizing domestic violence and what not. And the very fact that women have to rebel against the society for such ridiculous reasons is nothing short of a saddening truth.

But lest did they know what would be the outrage if at all they came to hunt for all the women at once. Women will stand together; Loud, Proud and Fierce. Because Divided we fall; United we stand. Women have suffered enough since the beginning of our patriarchal society and now is the high time for them to fight back with all they have. Fight for what’s rightfully yours and fight for the truth.

witch hunt by unerase poetry

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Dear women, each one of you is unique so love yourself for who you are. Be true to yourself because there is no shame in being fat, black or queer. And straighten your spine and stand up taller and stronger when they come to hunting for you. Love Yourself; And teach the whole damn world the same.

We want you to hear ‘Witch Hunt’ by UnErase poetry, and share it on your wall with all the lovely women in your life tagged making them feel special. Be it your mother, friends, wife or anyone special. Love them for who they are and love them right.

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