Wish Happy Friendship Day To All Those Friends Who Aren’t Friends Anymore!

It’s Friendship Day already. And I am gonna tread real careful. No talks about the usefulness or uselessness of this day. No discussions on whether it’s justifiable to dedicate just one day to the everlasting bond that we share with our friends. Nothing on how life would have been so boring and not-so-lifelike without our dear friends. None of that crap. Let’s deal with the real business. Friends who left over time; who betrayed, cheated and broke our heart. Let me tell you, even when I write this, I don’t feel sad about not having you in my life anymore. I don’t feel empty somewhere, and I don’t spend sleepless nights relishing our fond memories. I just don’t do that. I am past it. And yes, I feel pretty much complete, WITHOUT you.

I don’t want to thank you for anything, neither loathe. But yes, I have something to say. So here it goes:

1.To the one who betrayed.

You were my first encounter with a terrible heart break, and man did that hurt! But with you gone, I learnt two important lessons – one, never trust blindly, and second, the void will fill, sooner or later.

I may not love you any less than I did, but your absence feel much better than having you around.:)

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2.To the one who lied, over and over.

You could have just told me the real shit. I actually pity you for undermining my strengths. While you thought I wouldn’t be able to bear the truth, and kept serving the honey coated lies, here I stand, living with it, and not flinching a bit.

It was good knowing you though.:)

3. To the one who couldn’t trust me.

We were amazing, truth be told. But I can’t be the one apologizing when you were the one who doubted my intentions, EVERY. DAMN. TIME! And now that we aren’t friends anymore, I can swear you miss me terribly, even more than I do. Actually, it’s not that bad for me now. I was actually tired of explaining myself when the issues were entirely yours. 🙂

4. To the one whose ego soared high.

Hey, so where’s that Eiffel-tower-high ego taken you now? Places, I bet. But were they good? Do you have friends? I doubt. But some people learn the hard way. I pray it’s a little easy for you. 🙂

5.To the one who left, just like that.

We could have sorted it out. Even if they were real fires we were messing with. We were friends after all. I just wish you a long fulfilling life and tons of good wishes. But love, I doubt I got any for you now.

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I am good, even better than I thought I would be. I got friends again. And even If I don’t know if it’s going to remain with them in the long run, I couldn’t care less. You know why? Because you guys taught me, ‘the show must go on’. And since its friendship Day, it just makes more sense to wish those first that taught me golden life lessons.

Wish you all a very Happy Friendship Day. How did you celebrate your day today? Tell us in the comments section below: