Why The Concept Of A ‘Best Friend’ Is Overrated!

Friends. Best friends. Close friends. Distant friends.
One of the saddest things we did with our relationships as we grew up is attaching tags to them. The concept of friendship in our grandparents’ time was simple. People were either friends or acquaintances, and the ones who were friends were as close as family. We have a concept called ‘best friend’, who ideally, is just a friend who is more special than other friends. But there are some people who don’t have someone they’d call a BFF. If you’re one of those people, we assure you that you’re missing out on nothing.

Here, we have a comprehensive list on why the concept of ‘best friend’ shouldn’t really exist and why it is okay to not have one:

1) Friends shouldn’t be rated

Friends, whether old or new, near or far, from school or college, elder or younger to you, are friends. Calling one of them your best automatically reduces others’ status in your life. There might be friends of yours who consider you their best while you give the same tag to someone else. The simple fact is, you befriend people because you like them. So is it really fair to like a few friends more than others?

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2) It will save you a lot of emotional baggage

It has been noted from the very start that the people you love the most will hurt you the most. Similarly, the friends that break up most, often are best friends. We keep growing closer to one person, we make them our world, call them our best friend and then one day, they leave. And in their wake, they leave us an emotional wreck. Why tie all our happiness to one person?

3) No single friend can give you all the happiness

Expecting everything from one person is unhealthy. Emotional support, fun, a listening ear, advice from everything related to love to education, do you think one person can give it all? If we look at this closely, we have several friends. One we bond over coffee with. The old one we meet once a year. The one with the best relationship advice. One we learn cooking from. The one with whom you talk for hours about your common favourite fandoms. Not all of these are ‘best’ friends, but they’re all pretty special. Why burden one person to fulfil all our needs?

4) Tags ruin relationships

You call them your best friend. They call someone else their best friend. A completely other person calls you their best friend. You get hurt over not being the best friend of your best friend, also ignoring the person who calls you their best friend. Such an emotional mess, but all those who have gone through this know it hurts almost as bad as a fight with your lover.

5) Nurturing other friendships is important

Often when we have a best friend, we fail to notice other people who care for us. We form a bond with them so tight that it results in a cocoon around us, not allowing anyone else to come close to us. They are the only ones we have and if someday the friendship gets over, we’re left absolutely alone since we hadn’t made any other friendships. Also, admit it, a group of close friends is way more fun and interesting than a single best friend.

6) Your best friend should ultimately be you!

Lastly, the best friend you should ever have is the one you see in the mirror every day. Because that is the one person who won’t ever leave you, turn toxic and drain you emotionally. You need ‘YOU’ the most! Friends come and go, and a best friend won’t last, most of them change a lot; but you will always have yourself. So be your own best friend.

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Do you also think that the concept of a ‘Best Friend’ is overrated? Do let us know in the comment section below!