6 Reasons Why People Prefer To Remain Single

So many people are entering into relationships just to experience that “cool” thing, or to show that “swag” or just because  “life mein kuch naya Ni ho raha hai yaar, try karke dekh lete hai”. Because you never know.

But to be honest, these things aren’t worth your time and emotions, unless you are way too serious.

I admit that entering into a relationship excites us, makes boring life a little interesting, but what about that life after breakup?? Dil toh toot’ta hai, aur dukh bhi hota hai. And not only this, but people start putting the ultra-sad death wale quotes as if their world has come to an end. These things only worsen the situation and don’t do any good.

So it’s better to remain single because being single is a win-win situation for it has many benefits.

1.You can sleep without any tension. 

Why People Prefer To Remain Single

Yep, Yep. Sleep. Everyone loves sleeping, and what could be best than sleeping without thinking about any typical relationship problems??

2. You’ve lots and lots of “Me – Time”.

Why People Prefer To Remain Single

You can actually pamper yourself with lots of food and other favorites of yours. You can do whatever you want without any restrictions. You can develop yourself and you learn how to be happy even if you’re single like you know you can get a high just by dancing on Malhaari.

3. You can focus on your family and friends.

Why People Prefer To Remain Single

Whenever you enter into a relationship, your whole focus gets shifted to your partner. You stop caring about your family and friends, which shouldn’t happen, but still, it happens. If you’re single, you can enjoy with your family, friends, and those “nagging rishtedaars”, which is equal to an adventure.?

4. You can have multiple crushes. 

Why People Prefer To Remain Single

What can be more good than having multiple crushes without having any tension (keeping that jealousy factor aside if your crush is committed)?? You can have that feeling of satisfaction just by looking at your crush. Who needs more?

5. You can save huge amounts of money.

Why People Prefer To Remain Single
Yep. Buying those unnecessary gifts , cards and chocolates on every little occasion cost lots of money. Saari savings Paani ki tarah beh jaati hai.

6. Last but not the least, you don’t have to call your partner “Babu” , “baby”, and “Shona”. ?

Why People Prefer To Remain Single

This is the best thing about being single. All these babu and baby kinda words are so irritating. And that typical dialogue, “Mele babu ne taana Taya?” Bro!! why the hell are you stuttering? Speak clearly, because this can destroy anyone’s mood.

So it’s better to be single than being in a relationship. Cheers to all the single people out there!!?