6 Reasons Why Guys Prefer Their ‘Boys Gang’ Over ‘Girl Best friends.’

Friendship is omnipresent. There are no barriers of creed, caste, colour or gender; but the feel of friendship changes accordingly. We can consider gender as an important factor which subdivides friendship. People have unending arguments about who is better? A guy best friend or a girl best friend. Although the answer differs from person to person. I met few guys who put forward their views of guys being better best friends than girls. Really! They pointed out few factors, which they miss in their girl best friends making guys better. (I know these traits are apparently present in few girls too, but let us go with the majority for now.)

Following are the 6 reasons(from a guy’s point of view) which make a guy a better best friend than a girl.

1. Availability

According to few, guys are mostly available at any time. They can call around mid-night and plan an unplanned ride. They can break into the house at any hour and live without restrictions and suspicious glares. Guy friends are there to bring live ‘Dil-Chahta-Hai’ dreams.

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‘Chal! Goa chalte hai!’ *bag, babe, booze*

2. Post Marriage

Marriage changes many relations. Few become stronger and few distant. According to guys, they watched their girl best friends growing distant after marriage, whilst guys stuck around in their shorts for Netflix.

3. Brotherhood

They booze all night and smell vomit in the morning together. Their gang wars are history. Bike races and their mid-night watches are things that make them sure of guy best friends being best.

Ladai hogayi

Ruk bande leke aata hu.

4. Non – Judgmental

All girls don’t judge, but most girls do.’ Quoted one of the guys, I spoke to. They can be anything before there guy gang. They can be filthy and smelly. Just like smelly cats from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Rough, rocky and pushed out of the pub by bouncers is the time they only want to share with their guy friends.

5. No Drama

As girls are officially tagged drama queens, they want to spend some time away from them with ‘emotionally challenged’ gang. They want to speak mindlessly thinking of no emotional hurt to opposite person, as girls are comparatively sensitive. They love to ride fancy cars but not moods. They weighed guys more over mood-security.

6. Hypothetical Questions

Girl’s kind of scare guys with their hypothetical questions which they hate to face. Partnership with boys is simple, non-questionnaire life and live the moment. For this, they give guy’s ‘a best friend credit’ more than girls.

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Most of the guys out their will definitely agree with above reasons why they lean more on guy best friends as few argue saying girls are much better friends. Even though friendship is omnipresent, it varies from person to person.

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