Being Taken For Granted And Finding A Solution

why am i taken for granted
Photo by Bart LaRue

Why Am I Taken For Granted?

At some point of time we feel that this is not the treatment I deserve I need love and respect. We all feel that we are being taken for granted by family, friends, husband, or wife. Honey, take a moment to embrace yourself and acknowledge that perhaps you subconsciously marked yourself down. Because its we who tell others what we are worthy of by showing them. If you often ask yourself why am i taken for granted? Then here’s the answer:

Forgiveness before apology

You always forgive without encountering an apology. Fu*k that, because sometimes people do not deserve to be forgiven. They have done nothing to earn them respect or to better themselves.

We always end up Understanding before an explanation

Chuck that! Let them explain if they really have an explanation ready. Or let them explain so you can sit back and enjoy their making-up skills. If they have wronged they ought to feel guilty, they know better of what they did and how despicable it was.

Supporting unconditionally

Often people are mistaken when you always make time for them. Your efforts won’t be appreciated, they will be expected. No one realizes until you’re gone. So go away! They are better off without your support and without you being there. Always remember there is a fine line between generosity and being taken for granted.

How to stop being taken for granted?

why am i taken for granted

Self Love. Because the point is, if you don’t value and respect yourself, wholeheartedly, no one else will either. Being selfish doesn’t always mean in an unethical way, sometimes putting your self first is vital, actually always putting your self first is vital.

Let go of all the new year resolutions make a resolution for a life time “self-love”.

Stop asking yourself why am i taken for granted, start putting yourself before anyone else and you’ll never feel the need to ask yourself that question again.

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