Take This Quiz To Find Which Game Of Thrones Star You Resemble?

If you’re a Game Of Thrones fan and want to know which star from the show you resemble, take this test and note down your answers as you go along the quiz!

I. What is your preferred occupation?

a) Engineer or Scientist
b) Lawyer or Management
c) Doctor
d) Writer or Artist

II. Which season do you prefer?

a) Any season
b) Winter
c) Autumn
d) Spring

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III. Which of these mutants do you want to turn into?

a) Mouse deer
b) Coral deer
c) Spider
d) Sweet lizard fly

IV. Select a phrase

a) Wow! what a guillotine!
b) Hey you there, go kill that guy for me.
c) Your execution will teach others
d) I’m very sorry, but hey that’s beautiful!

V. Who’s your favourite?

a) Richard Dawkins
b) Obama
c) Hitler
d) Nicholas Cage

VI. Who is your avenger?

a) Thor
b) Tony Stark
c) The Hulk
d) Captain America

VII. Select a colour

a) black
b) green
c) red
d) blue

VIII. Choose a Disney princess

a) Jasmine
b) Elsa
c) Snow white
d) Ariel

IX. Select one trait among these

a) Knowledge
b) Strong belief
c) Sense of morality
d) Idealist


– If you got mostly A’s: You resemble Arya Stark
Image result for arya stark
– If you got mostly B’s: You resemble Tyrion Lannister
Image result for tyrion lannister
– If you got mostly C’s: You resemble Daenerys Targaryen
Image result for daenerys targaryen
– If you got mostly D’s: You resemble Jon Snow
Image result for jon snow

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Which Game of Thrones star do you resemble according to the above quiz? Do let us know in the comments section below!