Where To Head This Summer?

Summers are already in, cities are heating up, colleges are closed for summer vacations, everyone is craving for an outing; isn’t it enough for you to take a vacation somewhere to the mountains?

Planning summer holidays ? Where to head this summer ? Here we go.On a stroll to a refreshingly beautiful and serene lake in the lap of the majestic Dhauladhar ranges. A lake at 8960 ft. with some supernatural stories and a place where you can stay for free! Yes, you heard it right; you can stay there for free. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and leave!


The temple was built-in the thirteenth century and according to the legend it was built from a single tree. There is also a small floating island in the lake. The floating island changes its position but nobody knows when and why! Swimming is not allowed in the lake as the depth is yet to be determined. Locals say that a diver from Thailand jumped with all required equipment but was never seen again. That’s quite interesting, right?

where to head this summer


Parashar Lake is 50 kms from the city of Mandi (H.P). It is an overnight journey from New Delhi and you will get regular buses from Kashmiri Gate ISBT. To reach Parashar from Mandi one can either hire a taxi or share a taxi (shared taxis are regular). Parashar is also accessible through bus, thanks to HRTC.

If you are more of a trekking person, you can get down at Baggi (the last village) and trek to Parashar Lake. It is an easy trek although the trail is not prominent; all you have to do is climb up the mountain. The trek is short around 7.5 kms which takes around 4-5 hours depending upon your speed.

where to head this summer

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This is the most interesting thing; you can stay at Parashar Lake for free. You can stay at the temple rooms for free, they would charge you just Rs. 25 for a blanket and as there are no beds, you can rent several blankets and make a bed out of them. You can even camp at the lake as tents are available at an affordable rate of Rs. 300-800. If you are carrying your own tent you can set them up anywhere and no such permission is required.


Although Parashar Lake is accessible for all 12 months but it is covered with snow during winters. Depending upon your choice you can visit the lake from December to February if you want to see a frozen lake, or from April to August when the lake is vibrant and at its best.


This is an easy trek and you won’t need a trek guide. This trek is a must for everyone, it can also be a small family vacation or with friends or solo. It is also meant for people who like stargazing or are interested in Astrophotography.

where to head this summer


There is a small shop which makes almost everything from Dal Chawal to Maggi and parathas, so food is not a problem.

where to head this summer


Some serious risk involved is you may fall in love with the place and not want to return back. The travel bug may bite you and you would keep coming back.

Note: One can also trek further till Tunga Mata temple, the trek goes through beautiful grasslands and a dense forest, and last part of the trek is a bit uphill. You can ask the temple priests as locals frequently visit it and they can group you.

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