What You’ll Need If You Are Running Errands On Your Bike

Running errands on bike
Running errands on bike

There are many advantages to owning women’s or mens hybrid bikes. However, one of the most significant benefits is using a bike for daily commuting activities, including going to the grocery store and running other similar errands. Many people do not believe a bicycle provides adequate room for carrying items. While they have a point where a basic bike frame is involved, there are several pieces you can install or carry that make transporting goods and running errands not only possible but fun. There are at least seven items that can make your next bicycle grocery run possible.

1. Bike Trailer

The most apparent partner for lightweight bikes for adults is a bike trailer. Trailers come in a variety of styles and sizes and are well-suited for various sized loads. You can find these useful tools in lockable, covered, and open-air designs. However, keep in mind that while larger trailers allow for more goods, you still have to pedal the extra weight home.

2. Panniers

Panniers are smaller options for carrying lightweight materials. The bags straddle the bike with pouches on either side. The best way to use panniers is to distribute merchandise evenly between the compartments, making your bike balanced and allowing you to stay in control.

3. Baskets

Many manufacturers make a removable rear bike basket or front mounting version. While these useful products help to carry things home, most are not designed to carry significant weight. Use baskets for lighter errands, or trips for small products. However, adult tricycles with rear-mounted baskets can usually carry larger and heavier loads.

4. Messenger Bag

If you are not too keen on installing baskets or trailers, and if you only do small errands when riding, consider a messenger bag. These over-the-shoulder bags became popular among bike messengers and have increased in popularity among casual riders. While the bags won’t carry a lot, they do offer some versatility for smaller errands.

5. Daypack

Like a messenger bag, a daypack is not an installation; it is more like a backpack. However, most designs are small and not meant for significant transportation. However, you can carry several daily riding essentials, like water and first aid products. Manufacturers design the packs to sit in between the shoulders to not interfere with a rider’s balance.

6. Rack Trunk

Rack trunk or trunk bag is like a pannier bag, but it does not straddle on either side of the bike. Instead, a trunk bag sits on top of a rear-mounted bike rack. It is often larger than panniers, with a large center compartment.

7. Saddlebag

A saddlebag is one of the smallest storage compartments on this list. The bag attaches to the underside of your bike’s seat or saddle. The primary use for this bag is to carry relevant documents or other small essential items.

While the transition to a bicycle from a vehicle for daily errands or commutes can seem challenging or improbable, there are many tools available to ease the change. Contact a local bike shop to discuss the essential equipment for running errands on your bike.