What Do You Know About Second Line Of Defence, NCC?

Unity and Discipline.

On March 24th 2018 Congress 47-year-old Chief Rahul Gandhi visited Mysore’s Maharani’s Arts and Commerce College for Women. When students asked Rahul Gandhi in an interaction section, “What benefits he would like to provide for the NCC cadets after passing C Certificate Exam?” His reply shook the Nation  especially the NCC cadets. Though he said the truth still it was shocking.

He replied saying that “I don’t know the detail of NCC training and that TYPE OF STUFF . So I won’t be able to answer that question. But,as a young Indian person I’d like to give you an opportunity where you can have a future, where you can have successful education and where you can thrive in this country. Details of the NCC, I don’t exactly training and what you go through.”

The reaction of NCC Cadets after listening to the comment of Rahul Gandhi on NCC

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So, to all those who don’t know what NCC is:

First of all NCC, means National Cadet Corps and it is not any kind or that type of stuff. It’s the Second Line of Defence and it has its own dignity and respect. The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is the Indian Military cadet corps, which was created under the Defence Act, 1917 with the object to make up the shortage of the Army. The NCC came into existence on 16th July, 1948 under the NCC Act XXXVI of 1948 under the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

Mono of NCC

NCC has Tri-Service organisation which are referred to as wings – Army Wing, Navy Wing, Air Wing. It is open for School and College students on the voluntary basis. NCC trains the young girls and boys to be better citizens and future leader of our great country in all walk of life, including Defence Forces. Students who join NCC are referred to as “Cadets” and they are provided with the basic military training in small arms and parades.

Motto of NCC 

Motto of NCC is ‘Unity and Discipline’ which was adopted on 23 December 1957. NCC strives and bring together the youth hailing from different parts our country and molding them into united, secular and disciplined citizens of our Nation.

Republic Day Parade.

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Aim of NCC

The aim of NCC was approved by Ministry of Defence (MOD) in March 2001.
(a)  To develop character, comradeship , discipline , leadership, secular outlook, sportsmanship and ideals of selfless service among the youth of the country.

(b) To create a human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth, to provide leadership in all walks of life and always be available for the service of the Nation.

(c) To provide a suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in Armed Forces.

Now I hope you will never say What is NCC? And What does it mean? Because they deserve more than ignorance and not less than a salute. 

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