16 Weirdest Harry Potter Ships Every Potterhead Will Enjoy

To be honest, the Harry Potter series never gave us any major relationship goals. And that’s why maybe you’re looking for some weirdest Harry Potter ships, no?

Maybe, Ron and Hermione’s pair was something to look forward to.

Apart from that, basically, there’s nothing.

But, there is another world of fanfiction – a world of worlds, wherein, people make their desires come true.

If they desperately wanted Hermione to end up with Harry, like some of us expected, in this world, they could do it.

In the world of Fanfiction, anything and everything could come true.

Have you ever given thought about the weirdest fanfiction ships in Harry Potter?

In the world of fanfiction, people created stories around pairs that were “meant-to-be”, according to them.

Here is a list of weirdest Harry Potter ships by the fans:

1. Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter

Yes, they are boys and yes, they are shipped.

People familiar with the fanfiction world can relate to gay pairings. If you’re not that familiar, well, you will be now.

It’s funny that people use the phrase “Opposites attract” in the case of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, who are the perfect antonyms.

If you delve deep, you can find thousands of stories under this pairing. Also, there are sites dedicated especially in the service of this pair, shortly known as Drarry.

What’s so exciting about this pair is, making an arrogant Malfoy succumb to his desires against his will.

Weirdest harry potter ships

2. Tom Riddle (Voldemort) x Harry Potter

Scary pair this one. There is nothing ‘sweet’ in this pair. It mostly involves the use of dark techniques and love potions on the leader of the Light side, Harry Potter.

To be really honest and straight, these kinds of fics usually involve the enslavement of Harry Potter, sexually, by Lord Voldemort and are a bit gross and disturbing to read.

Nonetheless, people still write for this pair, whose other names are – Tomarry, nPottermort and, Harrymort.

Pairing in Harry potter

3. Ron x Harry x Hermione

This pairing is of 3 kinds, apart from the usual Ron x Hermione.

Harry x Hermione – We’ve expected this, haven’t we? Unfortunately, this pairing can only be found in the world of fanfiction. The imaginary pair swooned in a large part of fans. A famous but mildly stupid boy and an extremely clever girl – the ideal pairing. Also known as Harmony.

Ron x Harry – This pairing came to a bright light in the events concerning the fourth book where Hermione was attracted to Victor Krum. Angry and sad, Ron sought comfort in the hands of his best friend, Harry (who also had a secret crush on Ronald). Weird, isn’t it? But, there are fans – many, for this Candyshipping pair!

Weirdest harry Potter ships

Ron x Hermione x Harry – It’s a threesome pair known shortly as, The Trio. Now, a bit uncomfortable, aren’t we? This is not the only threesome pair in Harry Potter fandom. You can find many others like Ron x Harry x Draco, Severus x Harry x Draco, Severus x Lily x James, Voldemort x Draco x Harry, and many more.

Weirdest harry Potter ships

4. Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger

Whoa! This pairing gives us some serious goals!

A bad boy and a good girl. The bad boy struggles with his life being in the hands of the most powerful villain who threatens to kill his family.

He needs emotional support. Then there comes a girl, who is sensitive and open to hidden emotions. A kind girl who gives a chance for redemption, who coaxes and persuades the bad boy to the good side, who saves the bad boy from destroying himself.

Another scenario is one in which the good girl is captured and tortured by the bad boy. And the good girl still offers him a choice – a bridge to safety.

The bad boy takes it because “Love” happens and for us, Dramione happens.

Fanfiction Harry Potter

5. Severus Snape x Hermione Granger

“That’s gross!” you may exclaim in horror. But, there is a fandom in the large fandom of HP for this pair.

The ever intelligent and insightful professor hooks up with the know-it-all, Hermione Granger.

This is another forbidden pair, known as, Snanger or Snamione.

Fanfiction Harry Potter Pairings

6. Severus Snape x Harry Potter

You know what we love? Banter. Be it a serious one or a playful one; we tend to love some tension between destined lovers.

If love is all roses and candy, where is the adventure we crave? Such an adventure lies in this pairing, Snarry. Snape loved Lily Potter and hated James Potter. Since Harry looked like James, he tried hating Harry too. But, those eyes! How can he forget the eyes he fell in love with? How can he not fall in love again?

Fanfiction Harry Potter Pairings

7. Sirius Black x Remus Lupin

If there aren’t any standalone fics for this pairing (there are many), then you can find this pair in Harry x Draco fics. Since Sirius is Harry’s Godfather, in these fics, you can find the Drarry pair seek approval from the Puppies or the Wolfstar pair. This pair, sometimes, involves the inclusion of Severus Snape too.

Harry Potter fanfiction

8. Lucius Malfoy x Draco Malfoy

They are father and son! Yet, their relationship doesn’t deter a handful of people from constructing stories around another ‘forbidden’ pair, the Malfoycest. This pairing involves Lucius disciplining his son, Draco, in ways a father isn’t supposed to do. Hidden from the eyes of his mother, Narcissa Malfoy, Draco is shown as a weakling.

Weirdest Harry Potter ships

9. Sirius Black x Harry Potter

Another father and son pairing which garnered a huge number of fans. Why? Because Harry first hated Sirius.

But then, he loved Sirius in the end. That love was pure and people needed an extension in the form of this pair.

Weirdest harry Potter ships

10. Lord Voldemort x Draco Malfoy

Another ‘Ugh’ pairing which is followed by exciting squeals.

There are fics in which Draco is impregnated by Voldemort in order to win the war against Harry.

This fic involved Harry saving Draco from Voldemort’s clutches and an eventual Drarry.

Or, fics in which Voldemort forcibly bonds himself to Junior Malfoy.

11. Draco Malfoy x Ginny Weasley

Draco hates ginger heads. He hates the Weasleys the most. That’s what makes this pair so exciting. Draco goes out his way, crumbling his hatred, to fall in love with a ginger-head.

And Ginny, who hates the ferret-faced Malfoy, falls in love with his witty being.

Thus we have the Drinny pair.

Fanfiction Harry potter

12. Harry Potter x Luna Lovegood

Luna is portrayed as a dreamy girl with similarities to Harry Potter in some aspects.

At times, we’ve seen her give emotional support to Harry when nobody took his side.

She always believed in him and this element led to the pair, Huna or Lunarry.

Weirdest harry potter ships

13. Cedric Diggory x Harry Potter

Though Diggory made an appearance in just one book, his character had been crucial in the awakening of Voldemort.

And his death, the sadness after, led to a few people pairing our dear Harry with his lost friend, Cedric.

Weirdest harry potter ships

14. Draco Malfoy x Ronald Weasley

Already mentioned above was a pair – Draco x Harry x Ron. Still, there are hundreds of fics solely dedicated to Ron and Draco. Another ferret x ginger-head pair.

Weirdest harry potter ships

15. Neville Longbottom x Ginny Weasley

If – a big IF, Harry and Ginny didn’t end up together, this would be an ideal pair.

Lots of fics in the fanfiction world involve a storyline in which Ginny breaks up with Harry and hooks up with a sweeter boy, Neville, who treats her like a Queen, leading the readers to the Ninny pair.

Weirdest harry potter ships

16. Bellatrix Lestrange x Hermione Granger

This is the weirdest pairing for me in the entire fandom of Harry Potter. Why this pairing came to light, only God knows. But twisted brains, who love a little torture through love, love this Bellamione pair. Besides, from the books, we all know that Bellatrix is a bit hands-on type.

Weirdest harry potter ships

Now, Harry Potter kingdom sure has the weirdest ships, hasn’t it?

Do you have any favourite fanfiction ships in Harry Potter mentioned on the list?

If there are any other pairs you love, do mention in the comments below.


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