This Poet Speaks Some Bitter Truth About Our Country And We Need To Do Something About It

The recent Poem “We are not a poor country” by UnErase Poetry speaks the bitter truth about India being a poor country and the way people outrage about it.

Listen To The Poem On YouTube Here.

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The poem speaks about the harsh realities that we face today but deny to accept. The lack of toilet facilities which forces people to use railway platform as a medium to do shit portray the way we treat our basic needs.It has also highlighted the way we reacted to the Snapchat CEO’s comment on India being a poor nation. We went crazy about the idea of a foreigner speaking of India as a poor nation without even looking for solid proofs of the statement. Though the way Nadeem tried to quote this message wasn’t much appreciable, but we hope the message he has tried to convey should reach the audience in positive sense.

unerase poetryIn terms of PPP Indian economy is the 3rd largest in the world but we still suffer from poverty. The poem brings out some of the harsh truths which we need to consider and work on because its time that we focus more on what’s important than those things which are of less value.

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The last few lines of the poem challenge the developed countries out there who still look at us as a poor nation that once we take away everything that is ours, once we fill your boardrooms and cabinets with more of our proud sons only then will we decide who is poor and who depends on ‘the poor country’.

Through Nadeem, we at The MagZone ask you that do you agree that today we Indian dedicate our energy more on outraging for an issue rather than doing something about it?

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