6 Ways To Spend Quality Time All By Yourself, Coz Me Time Is The Best Time

The population of the world is 7.6 billion, and I am still writing this blog. If you were to ask why? Honestly, because it is pretty relatable.

Yes, you! Sitting behind the blinds of the internet, shuffling between those multiple windows while your search history of last one month on Google reads “how to not feel lonely”So here I am for your rescue. And no I am not a psychologist or a shrink (I am a final year MBBS student though!) but yes, you know they say, “sailors of the same boat.”

So, here are the 6 ways to spend quality time all by yourself and aren’t supposed to feel lonely. 

1. Stop being sorry for yourself

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This will solve 40% of your problems. Being alone or having time for yourself is not a problem. The problem is when you don’t know how to use the time. And to figure that out you need to first embrace this time as a gift. Because trust me, you should be prouuuuud (extra u’s because yes “you should be proud”) about yourself that you still manage to have some time for your mind.

2. Hobby shobby!

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It’s time to bring out that 5-year old you who once wanted to be a writer or the 10-year-old music fanatic who was glued to the cassette player all day. So yeah! This is the time for you to take up what you gave up or maybe your high school made you give up. Polish it. It can be anything, from dance to sleep, writing (like me) to even paint the walls. And if nothing ‘go out, simply run’.

3. Plug in the music

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Stock your music player with all the music that makes you breathe. From Shereen to Avril to Eminem to Cigarettes after Sex (this is my personal favourite). Once you glide to the music thumping in your ears, you my friend will go deaf to your own inner voice that was shouting loneliness.

4. Go read the book

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I am going to be brutally honest, I don’t read books, but I do read the musings and poems because I write. I have realised that reading –  be it even an insignificant column of a newspaper, will fill you up with an urge to read more. From learning new words to maybe wiring your inspiration circuits correctly, reading is food for the soul. SO GOOOO, FEED THAT PRETTY SOUL!!

5. Walk out and observe

The world is running, it is a stampede and so many of us are under the shoes, you agree with it or not. Ask yourself when was the last time you went out to hear the sound of the water? Or the way the sky metamorphoses from blue to orange to red to lilac to black? I don’t think you remember. So yeah! Go out, buy some ice cream, sit and just stare (I meant, observe) people, things, cats, dogs and whatnot. Everything will cut open your shell of nothingness and fill you with the desire to do something better than feeling sorry for yourself.

6. Behave as you feel

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We often tend to get so annoyed and scared of being alone that we tend to portray something that is nowhere close to how we actually feel. In the end, it’s just us feeling bad for our own selves. So remember, never try to put up a behaviour just because you wish to fit in. Maybe, drop the smile for today, wear those pyjamas, binge watch HIMYM and enjoy the broken heart all along. Trust me, you will feel a lot better than going out and being something that you aren’t.

So yeah! These are just a few experience based things that have worked for me, and I hope they will work for you too. Go on a date with yourself! If you haven’t done that, you are missing the coolest person in this world, yeah!

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