Why The Wait For GOT Season 8 Is Going To Be The Toughest!

GOT Season 8

Why the wait for GOT Season 8 is going to be the toughest

read carefully. The post is dark and full of spoilers, and if you step on one, don’t blame me!

The latest and last episode of the Game of Thrones is out, and I swear to all the Gods in the South and the North, the plot twists are so wrenching. While some of the fan theories did come alive, a few can still not be discarded. Here are the most mind boggling amazzzzzzzzzzing moments that will keep us lingering for more and make the wait for GOT Season 8 The Toughest.

When Cersei and Daenerys finally meet!

The opening scene puts forth so much impact. Of course Cersei is not done with her foul play yet, and it comes to light when even after pledging to Dany to fight against the army of the Dead, she tells Jaime ‘We stay here!’

But the best part, it’s now sure she doesn’t even mind getting her lover killed, let alone plan with Euron Greyjoy without his knowledge, because she has another Lannister coming.

Also, nobody in Westeros knows yet that Viserion is dead, so keep mum!

When end comes for Little finger!

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I was so waiting for this! After Joffrey and Cersei, if there’s anyone that everyone wanted dead, it had to be Petyr Baelish. Wish granted! One fine stroke of Arya’s dagger, sentenced by Sansa, and Little Finger lays crumbled to the floor. A great moment of relief.

It’s finally Jonaerys!


GOT Season 8

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The heat building up between them is what every GOT fan has wanted to turn into something soon, and boy did that happen! Sure the love making was theirs, but it sure set all ours’ hearts on fire. No kidding.

Jon is Aegon Targaryen!

Finally, Samwell knows, and Bran knows, and everybody else will know soon. Lyanna’s last words were ‘His name is Aegon Targaryen.’ So the King in the North is actually the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. It will be fun to see what happens when Dany comes to know of it, given that they now love each other.

The little moment between Ser Jaime and Brienne of Tarth!

Enough said, haven’t I?

And. And. And. Of course the end that we have been waiting for.

The Night King riding Viserion!

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You know what it takes an ice dragon to fall down the greatest wall ever built? Nothing. And I have already started to believe that Jon and his little group were indeed tricked into going beyond the wall so that the Night King could have the dragon(s). It only makes sense!

So there’s waiting for Cersei’s next trickery, Jaime’s next move, the Cleganebowl, Jon’s claim to the Iron Throne and obviously, the Night King’s army marching for the alive. All of it has only left us drooling, and this winter is going to be lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng. Do we really have to wait for GOT Season 8? Can’t we just have the further episodes already, pretty please? 🙁