VVIPs Or Ambulance? What’s Our Priority?

by Aadil Khan

It was a regular monday evening as I was driving myself back home. It was a bit crowded and cars were moving on a slow pace, and adding to the misery were those red lights that just flickered up as I was about to cross the four-way intersection. I turned off the ignition and laid back on my seat shuffling radio station when “Mere Desh Ki Dharti” song popped up bringing the sensation of values and pride of our country.

I gazed outside my window to see the sun setting giving a panoramic view which was put to a halt by this woman who just rammed my side mirror running in haste to the traffic policeman who was standing nearby probably filing penalty form for an overloaded taxi. She was all sweaty and pleading hysterically pointing to something way back down the traffic, past my car, past few more cars down the line.

I couldn’t understand a thing so I looked into my rear view mirror and saw an ambulance stuck in the traffic wailing siren. The traffic policeman was still busy penalizing the taxi giving no attention to the woman in agony. Next I saw him answering a call on his walkie-talkie.

Lights turned green and I was all set to move when out of nowhere he slammed his palm on my car bonnet and signalled me to halt. Every car on the four-way goes standstill again and all I could hear now was cars engines rumbling and the ambulance siren wailing. After a few minutes an ambassador car with a red siren wailing on its roof accompanied by a Jeep full of policemen trailing behind it passed the intersection and I saw the traffic police saluting them.

They came in like a summer wind and like that they were gone.Traffic policeman then signalled us to move. I saw the lady running back to ambulance like her very life depended on it. I turned on the ignition and started the journey back home with the face of the lady, the traffic police, the ambulance and the red siren Ambassador rolling down like a movie in my head with me trying to find a locus in all those dots.

I don’t know who was that lady, or who was in the ambulance, whether he/she is alive or dead. Could they reach the hospital in time? Did the delay on the road turned out to be something which could’ve​ been saved? Too many questions.

This all rattled me up asking myself how VIP Culture has grown its evil root in our mentality. How we don’t care for an ambulance stuck in traffic but care for VIPs and make them our priority above all. It’s not just this kind of treatment for a highly ranked person or what we term as “Very Important Person”. A VIP mentality or VIP Culture has grown in midst of us. This culture is the very basic human nature where we like to see ourselves and presume to be better than others, like to be treated better than others. Caste system is a very clear example for this but that’s just another whole topic.

It’s good to respect a person with authority but losing the sight of right and wrong in the image of this can be considered as a curse in the society of equals.

Everyone Is Equal And Should Be treated equally.

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