“Voldemort: Origins Of The Heir” A Fan Made Film Released Today Mid-Night

By the fans, for the fans.

Yesterday post mid-night (IST) Potter heads were treated with the release of a Fan-made-movie on one-who-must-not-be-named. Yes! You heard it right. It is not a figment of J.K. Rowling’s imagination. This is purely a mad fan who made more than an ordinary film and released it on the YouTube.

voldemort origins of the heir release date

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Voldemort, Oops! Did I just take his name? Maybe we can mention him as Tom Marvolo Riddle. The man who made Harry Potter, the-boy-who-lived. Although I am madly in love with tales of Potter, I cannot hide the fact that Tom has fascinated me. One of the strongest or maybe the only powerful Antagonist, wizards faced. Without him, Harry might have been a normal schoolboy living with his family and enjoying with friends, completing stages of the school of witchcraft and wizardry, with a list of few adventures.

Harry became ‘The Harry Potter’ because of his deeds and bravery he showed against the Evil. He also shared his powers with Volde…mort. So, I was always intrigued by his journey from Tom to the evil wizard. Filling colours to the similar imagination ‘Gianmaria Pezzato’ through TRYANGLE Films presented us ‘Voldemort: Origins of the Heir’. It narrates the story of Tom Marvalo Riddle along with Grisha McLaggen, WIglaf Sigurdsson Jr. and Lazarus Smith.

The story is narrated by Grisha McLaggen to General Makarov, highlights the journey of Tom from exceptionally ambitious teenager to dark art persuader, Voldemort. The well-weaved story portrayed by remarkable performers, is supported by interesting twists and turns. Edited by ‘Stefano Prestia’.

Nonetheless, at one point narration becomes boring with unwanted closeups. Cinematography can be mentioned as a drawback, which failed to hold us to screens with the frequent capture. The strong story is not backed by captivating storytelling, but the plot points, property’s and magic edits, transport you to authentic Harry Potter world. The climax will blow you.

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Potterheads! What are you waiting for?! Watch the video and this new year treat yourself to a non-expensive enthralling Harry Potter story.

After watching, share your views in the comments below!