Vizag Woman Raped In Broad Daylight. Onlookers Filmed It But Didn’t Help

Onlookers Filmed It?

Vizag Rape Case

India witnessed yet another rape incident. It wouldn’t be tonight or in the early hours of dawn. It’s truly regrettable that in vizag rape case a woman was raped by a drunkard in broad daylight! and, the other interesting yet gruesome detail is the woman was raped on a footpath adjoining a very busy road in vizag that connects the city’s Railway station.

vizag rape case

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Place where the woman was raped

Visakhapatnam, shortly, Vizag, is a beauty among cities of India. It grabbed third place in the cleanest place in India. The pollution rate is moderate to low even during the busiest of days. The honks and blaring engines are enveloped by pleasant greenery, like a dome. This street, which runs under this green dome of leaves, connects to the railway station on its right and RTC Complex road-cum-flyover on its left. Riders can often see beggars and non-homers lounging about on the tiled red and cream footpath.

The Incident

The woman was a beggar and after the incident, she was found to be mentally ill while undergoing treatment at a hospital.

The man was drunk – so very drunk. But let’s not blame the occurrence of this incident on whisky. So, he stumbled upon this woman who was sitting under a tree, shielding herself from the mildly hot rays of the sun.

Despite this, she lost to the drunkard and couldn’t shield herself from his painful penetration.

The man, Ganji Siva, was 21 years old and was arrested later by the police.

Few points that raise a dilemma in vizag rape case

He raped her in broad daylight, right? And in a busy street. One might have doubts – Did no one stop him?

The answer is NO. No one did.

Check the video by clicking here.

I had always been proud to be a Vizigite since it’s where I’ve lived my whole life. This incident blew my brains out when I heard that the onlookers were so keen on filming the rape scene that they forgot to help the woman! “They forgot” would be the wrong phrase to use, don’t you think? They chose not to help her – this would be an apt statement, given the uproar of this video on the internet. It isn’t available now though.

The police have this video and an Auto-driver submitted the video he taped to the police. If only he helped her, the already insane woman wouldn’t have suffered the drunkard’s uncontrollable insanity.

Another point to be noted is that the video showed people looking at her while she desperately cried for help yet no one lent a hand. No one bothered.

vizag rape case
Image Source: Times Now

Helping her or helping justice – what’s right?

Here’s a question for you readers. Consider it a poll.

The Auto driver could really have helped her. And you know the state of our society. Unless and until it is their personal problem, no one steps forth to help the other. If there’s an accident, instead of calling the ambulance or rushing the victim to the nearest hospital, people first choose to upload the incident on social media with a caption that reads –

Pray for the victim to recover quickly. 1 share = 1 prayer

Damn right, this bullshit attitude of praying for the victim will never help the victim.

Yes, the Autowala helped by submitting the film to the district police. Which would’ve been more morally correct? Did he do the right thing by helping the girl after the incident occurred?

Type your answer in the comments below.

A woman’s anguish and agony

A curse or a boon – I question you
This society of domineering men
Gruff voices that know no bounds
Of decency
Lascivious looks at a woman’s body
Of mock virility
All you ever want is her virginity
No, you want her submission!
The air of despondency around her
When you pin her down hard –
Those salty tears burning on her cheeks
The sound of her clothes tearing
Her screams cause your guffaw
You crave it – the animal you are!
Her vagina doesn’t bring you nirvana
You abuse her insides
Rip out her intestines

It’s your pleasure – Her torture

There’s no age factor
You browbeat even a toddler
Why, I don’t think you have a brain
You think with your nether regions
You murder her with your phallus
Yet, her voice remains unheard
When her agonized bawling had been so loud
Nirbhaya is not just one woman you ate
As long as your thoughts are muddled
Every walking girl, me too – is one
I ask you yet again – When is she safe?  
Are we ever going to be risk-free?
Can you not ogle our covered bodies?
Will you abstain from molesting us?
When would we be more than just a hole‘?

I am a girl, as you know – but
Am I born to be raped by you?
When I am alone and afraid

Would you save me or rape me?

vizag rape case

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They didn’t save her even when she wasn’t alone. Type your answers and views about vizag rape case in the comments below and pray – not for the woman but for the drunkard to be severely punished!