Trans Mother From Viral Vicks Ad Aims To Build Home For Children Of Sex Workers

viral vicks ad

While it’s highly debatable a topic to look down upon the Institute of prostitution and people differ hugely in views, we as a society often fail to be considerate towards our fellow human beings, especially towards sex workers and their children. However, some people do succeed in rising above the stigma and doing something for the greater cause of humanity. I am talking about Gauri Sawant. You may find the name familiar from this viral vicks ad that was released on mother’s day and it hit all the right chords.

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While this viral vicks ad showed us the amazing real-life story of a trans mother and the struggles she has had to face, it gave out a powerful on how the LGBT community deserves as normal a life as anyone else. And this brave mother has come to action again, this time to make the lives better of children whose mothers happen to be sex workers, by choice or forcibly, by building a home for them.

viral vicks ad

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The idea of building a home for children did not crop up suddenly. A trip into the lanes of Kamathipura, Mumbai’s oldest red-light district, ended up in Gauri stumbling upon something that she would never quite forget.

“My eyes accidentally strayed towards a room, where a tiny baby was in the same room as that of a sex worker and a man. The child would have barely been three months old. On questioning the woman later, she asked me whether I would take the responsibility of the child and not let her become a ‘randi’ (sex worker)”


Instead of seeking help from others, Gauri thought she would do it alone, for the children and their mothers.

viral vicks ad

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With aid from her friends and mentor, Gauri plans to call the home Naani ka Ghar, a place where children would get all the love and care they deserve. And Gauri has tied hands with crown funding website Milaap for the same.

While things may take time to change, you can contribute your bit to Gauri’s dream of bringing hopes in the lives of these children here.

We Welcome The Decision Of Trans Mother From Viral Vicks Ad To Build Home For Children Of Sex Workers. Drop Your Views In The Comments Below.