Vikas Barala Releases A Video Claiming He Is Innocent

A few months back Varnika Kundu faced the horror on the roads of Chandigarh. She was stalked and intimidated by Vikas Barala and his friends on the way back to home. Her story witnessed the overpowering political influence tampered shreds of evidence and inefficient system. She fought and her journey is proved to be difficult.

After Zaira Wasim’s case, Varnika Kundu is taking a similar turn. Vikas Barala was granted bail on 11th January. Later that day he released statement pleading not guilty. Varnika is strongly supported by every sane person. Although, I would like to highlight Vikas’ statement. (Following are purely opinions with no intention to influence or “Corner” him on the basis of women empowerment and Feminism)

Vikas Barala’s statement

Over the last five months you would have heard many things about me, first I’d like to tell you I’m entirely innocent. All the accusations against me are incorrect and baseless. In reality, the real victim of this case is me.

He might have a point, but in this case, he was given unacceptable freedom of walking away without any tests to justify. If he is innocent, why did he make sure to use his father’s name to walk out? His statement garner’s no trust due to his past actions not because of his father’s position.

Over the last five months, my opinion wasn’t asked for. Many people thought I was at fault. My father is a national party’s state president. Due to that, many parties are targeting me to tarnish the political image of my father.

This accusation of his is duly answered by Varnika. She said, “Despite being a law student if he could blatantly commit a crime that night, I am sure it is not difficult for him to blatantly lie. My fight is against Vikas not against his father.”

There might be few cases where accused is cornered because of his stature, but this case came to light with strong faulty actions which are proved might stand against his statement.

The mental torture and trauma that my mother, sister, near and dear ones have been through in the last five months are unexplainable.

Through this, he might target to bind his followers emotionally, yet he makes a point. Societal intolerance against family and mental torture accused’s relatives go through is not the revenge plan we should deceive. As Varnika mentioned war is against him, not against anyone. Maybe we should mind our words towards the accused’s family too. They are not culprits. Even they are going through worst, if not support they don’t deserve mental torture. (In my defence, I am not supporting Vikas. My words are generalised to every accused family)

vikas barala statement

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Along with Varnika even we hope this video does show no unreasonable effect on judgement. Just like 2017, we hope to hear the drop of hammer loud and clear on the bold judgements.

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