My Views on Ram Rahim Verdict And The Enrage Erupted Thereafter

We Fail At So Many Levels, It's Uncountable - My Take On The Current Enrage.

Views on ram rahim verdict

The Supreme Court’s verdict on the Guru Ram Rahim’s case and the utter enrage that ensued got me brooding. We are a country of people that are so in contradiction at the basic levels of what we want versus what we support. There is also no line between right and wrong left. Let me tell you my Views on Ram Rahim Verdict.

My Views On Ram Rahim Verdict And The Enrage Erupted Thereafter

On one hand, when our daughters or sisters get raped and abducted, we expect the law to give us the due justice. Quite rhetorically on the other hand, when such decisions come wherein a respected and influential rapist is convicted, we set ablaze every thing that we set our eyes upon.

Here is the video of the verdict being read out.

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Where is the difference? Perhaps it is a result of the social stature that the guilty holds. Let me clarify that. If it is a self-proclaimed God man who rapes, it gets justified. So basically, every line of societal vice becomes invisible when one is apparently on the path to leading oneself and others to God. Now, can anyone answer a simple question? As agnostic as I am, it still stirs my mind. Are our Gods so powerless and ungodly that they would require men like Guru Ram Rahim Singh ‘Insaan’ to lead us to them? ‘Insaan’, really? If that isn’t pathetic, I don’t know what is.

views on ram rahim verdict

Second thing, foolish is a small word for the protestors. Before anything else, if we need anything, it’s some great leader who can infuse common sense in us, and the ability to distinguish right from wrong. Why were several people killed? Because a horde of rustic gone bat shit crazy decided to set ablaze every government building and bus that came in their way. Why do we expect the government or even the God men to help us if we are plain brainless creatures!

views on ram rahim verdict


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Most importantly, I figured out the respect this society has for its women. It turned out to be the greatest number ever discovered. ZERO. A woman’s dignity can be compromised. ALWAYS. A sick-minded juvenile can be pardoned. A God man can have thousands of his followers instill such turmoil in the state.

‘Oh, rape? It’s just so usual here. Why even punish someone for it? And the judiciary? Who cares about it! We decide on our own, suiting to our needs, when a rape is a crime and when it’s not. But I don’t like this decision. You know what I am going to do? Run across the streets killing people in buses, trains and elsewhere, setting every darn thing on fire. Oh yes, and might as well send some more women to Babaji. ’

Humanity failed. Common sense failed. Religion failed. God failed. And it’s not the end yet. The wheel will turn over, crushing more under it. Because we never fail to power the wheel and clutch to it so hard, it actually doesn’t let us fly.

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