UP Elections: The Dangal 2

Who’s winning UP Elections? UP Elections ground reality. UP Elections facts. Modi or Akhilesh in UP Elections? Read to get these answers.

2017 has been billed as the year of elections. One of them being in the state of largest voter’s population, it is indeed a crucial and interesting one for all the political analysts and the voter across the nation.

This UP elections could be a game changer for all the parties contesting here. While Mr. BJP is still playing on the grounds of surgical strikes and Demonetization, Akhilesh is batting on the pitch of expressways and Lucknow metro. On the other hand Congress had nothing much to talk about so they rather preferred joining hands with the party currently in power.

SP-Congress alliance will no doubt disturb the BSP’s caste calculations but the large number of seats provided to the later part can affect their mathematics as well. While the winning party only require 25-30% of vote share in this state, a mere change in calculations and diversion of votes towards the counterpart can make parties to compromise with a quarter of their constituencies.

Talking about the saffron party. When the people were already digging for “ache dins”, Mr. Modi came up with the idea of demonetization and made the people queue for the same, at least that’s what the high-class thinks. Poor and so-called middle class are still praising the move of banning of notes and are still in a hope of something big coming their way.

After analyzing the latest media reports it almost seems clear that AAP is clearing the Punjab Constituencies, bringing yet another sad news for Gandhi family as they’ll lose another state which seemed much in favour of them a couple of years ago.

When the polls have already begin, it would be interesting to see the game of family feud and development Vs Demonetization and nationalism. RLD and other smaller regional parties must be definitely dreaming for a hung assembly, which can’t be denied as a major possibility today. Not only the UP, twitter and the whole nation has its eyes on these major polls.