He Unzipped His Pants And Ordered Me To Satiate My Hunger

Domestic violence

My parents were in their bedroom when my grandpa asked me if I was hungry and wanted something to eat. He took me to the kitchen, unzipped the chain of his pants and ordered me to satiate my hunger. I was six years old then.

I had to stay at my uncle’s place 7 summers ago. My parents do not know yet what he did to me in his bathroom back then. I guess, they will never know that. I was thirteen years old then.

I found love in him. He was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Turned out, he was the worst. It was just one night’s mistake for him when he drunk raped me. I lost my love. Hatred took over all my other emotions. I was sixteen then.

I was seventeen when my parents died in a car accident. Another relative. Not just fingers, hands, mouth or penis this time there were objects in my holes. Pity on that parent-less seventeen-year-old child.

I tried to write a poem about what happened to me but I am sorry this poem is not poetic. It is a sad poem. It is a poem about a girl who was just her holes, a poem about a girl who had no mouth, a poem about a girl who was made to shut her mouth and a poem about somebody who was timid and meek and kept her mouth shut for as long as I can remember. It is not poetic because this is a poem about sexual abuse and poems on abuse are never dramatic, poetic, iambic, lyrical, romantic, tuneful, harmonious or rhythmic. These poems are melancholic. These poems spit on the face of our monstrous, loathsome societies. These poems pull you up in the air by your hair and throw you down on your face. These poems throw stick and stones, breaking your bones.

PS: In 90% of the child sexual abuse cases, the abuser is an immediate or a close acquaintance of the victim- father, brother, mother, cousin, uncle, a friend of the family, a friend or a neighbor. Globally, 18-19% of the females and about 8% of the males are being sexually abused when they were children.

That is quite a huge number of people of the world, isn’t it? So people, my motto, through this article, was to ask people to not remain mum if something like this is happening with or around them. Let us not shut up, let us, for God’s sake, not become a meek, silent spectator of whatever wrong is happening around us.

I will NOT shut up, will you?

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