“I’m An Introvert!” You’ll Not Think The Same When You’ll Hear This Slam Poetry From Saumya Kaulgud

This beautiful poem named “Bash Bash Bashful” by Saumya Kaulgud performed for UnErase Poetry at antiSOCIAL highlights the problem, an introvert faces in day to day life.

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An introvert can be easily spotted in a group as he/she is the last one to be excited about any plan made or the last one to share his/her opinion. This ignorance is considered fine as they are the ones who crave for their personal time and usually are shy enough to talk about anything with anyone but self.

This makes them reach out for self-awakening but what if I say the bitter truth?
They don’t get along with friends easily, they are not fun to have at a party, they don’t usually enjoy being in a company which makes them look like a snob.

Being an introvert has some advantages which make them successful at times but the biggest disadvantage comes out to be more horrific which is they usually end up being alone emotionally. Now, is any success worth if you can’t share and enjoy with your loved ones?

There’s alot more they can do, there’s alot far they can go, if they let some people enter their lives and break the locks of their privacy which has hindered some growth which is meant for them.

unerase poetry bash bash bashful

That’s why through Saumya, we at TheMagZone ask all the introverts out there, Why are you still quiet?

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