Understand Yourself

Interviewer– How will you describe yourself?

You – uhmm….

Does not it seems the toughest task to describe ourselves fully in the right words to anyone?

And the hardship increases great folds when an interviewer for a job is sitting right at front of you and your answer is going to decide your destiny.

This is where the role of personality tests come in. Type the two keywords in Google and it will offer you a wide (very wide) range of options. Some good but mostly inaccurate and useless tests.

How to choose which one is worth it? Well, this task has already been done for you. Let me introduce to you the best personality test I have come across till date, this one is interesting, easy to attempt and really accurate, (drum-roll please!) VisualDNA.

VisualDNA was started in 2006 by a group of data scientists, psychologists, creatives and engineers to find new ways of understanding the human personality.

When you visit the link, it offers you two tests –

  1. The Who Am I? Quiz- Based on the OCEAN (Big 5) personality model.
  2. The Personality Quiz- Understand how you work, love, spend and have fun.


Though both the tests are almost the similar and generate more or less the similar personality report, the latter one is more comprehensive. So if you want to save yourself from the trouble of taking both the tests, choose second!


What is so awesome about this one?

  1. It is visual, an image based quiz. It saves us from the work of reading endless questions. The questions are in the form of images and all you have to do is select from the pictures (easy, is it not?).
  2. The report it generates for you at the end is precise and insightful. It explains different aspects of life (your personality, work ethics, time management, love,money) beautifully.
  3. It suggests you books! What else can be better than someone telling you an amazing list of books you should read based on your personality!?
  4. It is totally scientific. Psychologists and engineers have worked together impressively to create an algorithm that use sophisticated analysis methods on the images that you select, make connections and join the dots between different aspects of your life and personality.
  5. When you select a visual image rather than the conventional statement to express your choice, it is less influenced and manipulated. That is, in simple words, you get to know yourself better.


So here is the link, happy discovering yourself!