25 Underrated Indian Singers You Will Love

Underrated Indian singers
Underrated Indian singers

It happens more often than less than good singers get their fair share. There are so many gems that had a chance of making it big with their fresh voices, but Bollywood is a place where only the established survive. Somewhere deep inside, we are all craving for a sound other than Arijit Singh. In the era of the rise of independent music artists in India, we bring to you some of the underrated Indian singers whom we deserved more of.

We are grateful to platforms like YouTube and Instagram, where these emerging singers are putting up their talent for the audience to enjoy.

We have put up a list of some underrated artists that didn’t get their due credit in Bollywood with some indie-artists.

Here are some Underrated Indian Singers you must listen to :

1. Ronkini Gupta

A trained Indian classical singer from Jamshedpur, Ronkini has sung critically acclaimed songs like ‘Rafu’, ‘Chaav Laga’, and ‘Tu Hi Ahem’. With her sweet voice, she blends classical and contemporary songs to the listener’s delight.

2. Hriday Gattani

This handsome-looking singer had the chance of making a vocal debut under his idol A.R. Rahman in ‘Lekar Hum Deewana Dil’. Today he has almost 5k Youtube subscribers and is presenting himself as a versatile singer. From English to Hindi, he pulls off songs in both languages with great ease.

3. Nikhil Paul George

You have definitely heard his songs in Barfi!- ‘Aashiyaan’ and ‘Main Kya Karoon’. This beautifully fresh voice has given Bollywood a couple of more songs, but that’s about it. I wish to hear more of him!

4. Nikhil D’Souza

With more than 30k subscribers on his YouTube channel, Nikhil has never disappointed his fans with his art. He has given Bollywood soothing songs like ‘Dil Hi To Hai’ and ‘Sham’. Apart from this, he also posts covers of English songs which are worth a watch!

5. Shiraz Uppal

You will know him from the vocals in Raanjhana’s title track. But to prove his worth, let me tell you that he has been at the Coke Studio stage, and set fire there with his performance.

6. Osho Jain

With 40k subscribers on YouTube, Osho has been creating indie-music that puts you to a calm sleep in the night. His songs like ‘Khush to hai na’, ‘Dheere Dheere’, and ‘Khud se’ will get your heart in a moment. Try him out!

7. Lisa Mishra

She lent her voice to a couple of Bollywood songs like ‘The Wakhra Song’, ‘Tareefan (Reprise) and ‘Chandigarh Mein’. But more importantly, her channel is followed by almost 240k people and she keeps them engaged by sharing regularly covers of Bollywood songs, medleys and collaborations.

8. Kavita Seth

A woman who has given us songs like ‘Tumhi Ho Bandhu’, ‘Iktara’ and ‘Jeete Hain Chal’ is a sufi-lover and loves to experiment with music.

9. Anupam Roy

We have heard him in Piku’s songs like ‘Bezubaan’, ‘The Journey Song’ and ‘Teri Meri Baatein’. Bollywood could use his talent more frequently than this, right?

10. Adnan Sami

The ‘Noor-e-Khuda’ (My Name is Khan) singer who also has given some hilarious hits in the past like ‘Lift Karadey’ and ‘Kabhi Nahi’ is someone we didn’t want to fade with time.

11. Anuv Jain

His four songs that are available on almost all music platforms (popular on JioSaavn and Spotify) have received much love- ‘Maula’, ‘Baarishein’, ‘Ocean’ and ‘Riha’. Once you listen to him, there is no turning back- you are in love.

12. When Chai Met Toast (Band)

This band is making the coming-of-the-age music in both English and Hindi. Their songs remind you of yourself on a long drive!

13. Ankur Tiwari

With songs as messy as his beard, Ankur is giving India some really good music they can nod their heads to. It is meaningful and soothing at the same time.

14. Jasleen Royal

This girl-with-a-breezy-voice has sung ‘Nachde Ne Saare’, ‘Love you Zindagi’, ‘Preet’ and ‘Din Shagna Da’. I hope she gets more opportunities in the film industry so she lightens things up with her voice.

15. Priya Saraiya

This Bollywood playback singer has given us some of the sweetest melodies like ‘Jaise Mera Tu’, ‘Valam’, ‘Piya O Re Piya’ and ‘Khoya Khoya’. On her youtube channel, we get to listen to more of her originals and song covers!

16. Sona Mohapatra

This bold voice rose to fame when she was featured on Satyamev Jayate. She has given Bollywood some good numbers to tap their feet on, like ‘Naina’, ‘Ambarsariya’, ‘Bahara’ and ‘Jiya Lage Na’. However, we still feel she is yet to get what her voice deserves! She has performed at the Coke Studio stage and it’s a performance worth enjoying.

17. Yasser Desai

This Mumbai-born playback singer started his musical journey at the age of 11. He has a Zee Music label, and is yet to leave a big mark in Bollywood. Listen to his song ‘Tenu Na Bol Pawaan’ from the movie ‘Behen Hogi Teri’ and you will know for yourself if you want to hear more of him!

18. Mohammad Irfan Ali

This sugarcoated voice has given Bollywood some of the best romantic tunes like ‘Banjaara’, ‘Kabira’, ‘Dard Dilon Ke’ and ‘Tu Hi Tu’.He, however, hasn’t received the same standing as his contemporaries Arijit Singh or Ankit Tiwari.

19. Ritviz

This 20-year-old Pune based singer and DJ is a trained musician. His hits like ‘Udd Gaye’ and recent songs like ‘Liggi’, ‘Thandi Hawa’ and ‘Sage’ have received quite some love. He is close to 1 million Youtube subscribers.

20. Sidharth Slathia

With 1.75 million subscribers on YouTube, this playback singer is also a music composer and songwriter. Head to his channel to listen to beautifully sung covers of Bollywood.

21. Arijit Anand

A singer, composer, songwriter, and music programmer, Arijit has almost 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. He’s young and fresh and livens you up with his music.

22. Piyush Bhisekar

Poet turned songwriter, turning singer, Piyush will sing you to sleep in the comfort of your cozy blanket. He has almost 60,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

23. Ratnang Singh

Nothing matches a melodious voice coupled with meaningful lyrics as Ratnang’s originals. Listen to him on an early Sunday morning with a cup of chai and Parle-G to set your mood for the day.

24. Saby Singh

Born in Kashmir and raised in a Sikh family, Saby’s songs are unconventional. His music talks about existential crisis and identity, moving you to dig deeper into his open-to-interpretation verses. Play his songs on a sunny and busy afternoon to help you unwind.

25. Vaasu Raina

An Indie singer-songwriter from Delhi, Vaasu has a silvery voice. His lyrics are easy to comprehend and will make you smile on a day you feel low. Vaasu has almost 21,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

We hope you listen to these underrated Indian singers. Wherever possible, hit a ‘like’ to their videos, subscribe to their channels and encourage them by leaving your worthy comments.

The need of the hour is to promote these emerging music artist so that the newcomers aren’t afraid of entering the industry!

This is the least we can do to save the Bollywood and Hindi music industry.

If we have missed out on any underrated Indian singer you love and hasn’t received due credit, put his name in the comments below!

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