Types of People in New Year Party

It’s New Year’s Eve and we are just few moments away from starting our New Year’s celebration. And celebration means people, loads and loads of people gathered together. So, let’s have a look at the kind of people we meet on New Year’s Eve Celebration.

Types of People we meet on New Year’s Eve

1. The Guy who wants to leave early because his girlfriend is waiting

We bet you’ve met this person too. It so happens that he has given time to his girlfriend and she is constantly pinging him asking him about his whereabouts and when he is gonna show up. And this person becomes the spoilsport and just wants to leave the party as soon as he can.

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2. The Guy who wants to stop the previous guy from leaving

This person, usually the host, does all that he can just to make sure the guy doesn’t leaves the party and spoil it for everyone else, mostly because the guy is too drunk to drive. Sometimes he fails, but some heroes in their shining armors manage to make him stay. We live for such kind of people. To them we want to say- You are our hero.

3. The Guy who only drinks Soft Drinks

The reason could be any, his girlfriend might have stopped him from drinking or he knows what dramatic scenes he creates after just two shots that he takes recourse of soft drinks. This guy is usually the only sober person in the party to take care of the rest of them.

4. The Guy who passes out after two drinks

They know they can’t take it but they don’t want others to know about that. Just to show that they can take drinks, they overdose on it and then they pass-out; and sometimes they pass-out and fall in the commode. Yup, it’s a true story.

5. The one who jokes around all the time

These are the people who keep the fun coming. They help to lighten up the party with their constant jokes. Yes! some of them are horrible but you just laugh on it anyway.

6. The one whose sole purpose of attending gatherings is Gossip

New Year’s Evening means people gathering together, and when people gather it’s an established rule that they gossip. And some people attend parties only to know all the hot gossips going around.

7. The Crazy Dancers

These people don’t even need alcohol to show their crazy moves. Give them the music, they don’t care about the dance floor. Every place for them is an opportunity to showcase their talent. Do not let anyone play “Taare Gin Gin” or “Lagawe Lu Jab Lipistick”, because then there’s no stopping these crazy dancers.


8. The person with the responsibility of Social Media Live

The technology freaks. They have an unauthorized duty of going on “Facebook Live” or “Instagram Live” and constantly updating their social media handles with every move of the party. The world needs to know what they are up to even if all those who watch their videos are already present in the party.

9. The one who doesn’t like anything at the party

Just like weddings, there are people who are ready to complain about every single thing in the party. Food, drinks, decor, music, guests, host, they just don’t like anything about the party and keep on cribbing. Yeah! no one wants them in the party but somehow can’t get rid of them either.

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10. The one who always flirts around

There’s this extremely single guy whose only shot at any kind of relationship is if he keeps on flirting with every single girl at the party. This is the reason why they attended the party in the first place, hoping themselves to be lucky enough to turn from single to committed as the clock strikes 12.

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11. The couple totally indulged in themselves

This is mainly seen if there’s a new couple in the party. Oh! the sweetness of a new relationship. They just can’t see anyone else in the party except for each other. Making promises, resolutions and showing a bit of PDA. Lucky they entering the New Year with each other.

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But other people after seeing them are like-

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12. The Countdown Machine

*30 mins left for New Year*

*…3…2…1 HAPPY NEW YEAR.*

Yes! These are the official countdown machines of the party who think that people might forget that it’s New Year’s Eve and they are going to enter New Year if they do not keep on reminding how much time is left for the New Year to begin. Mostly these are the same people who are the first one to yell *Happy New Year* because that was the only reason they bought a watch.

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13. The people generous enough to throw a party

Yes, we are talking about the hosts. They took the pain of arranging every single thing right from the food to decor to music and making sure that everyone is having a good time. We owe them a big thank-you.

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Well, if we don’t have all these different types of people in New Year party, will the party be any fun? Of course not. We need each one of them to make our New Year’s eve special. Mention them in the comments below and let us know which category they belong to.

The MagZone wishes each one of you A Very Happy New Year. Enjoy!