6 Types Of Guys You Meet On Matrimony Sites

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At some point in your life you would have created a profile on Shaadi.com, Bharat Matrimony, Jeevansathi.com or any other matrimonial sites. Or maybe at least thought of it. And as fun filled the ride might me; You will meet many types of people who will creep you out. We decided to list the types of guys on matrimonial sites.

These are the 6 types of guys you meet on matrimonial sites. (Totally intended for fun so please don’t take offence unless you are an Indian who takes offence at pretty much everything.)

1. The MBA Guy
These are the kind of guys who knows it all. Right from the president of India to the name of the watchmen of ‘Manipal Sikkim University’ (pun intended). They basically have a PowerPoint presentation ready for the reasons why you should marry them. And of course, they expect a yes from you because; MBA. The degree itself is a reason enough. Or so they believe. Either way you better say yes to them just to satisfy their fat ass MBA ego. For namesake atleast.

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2. The Maa Ka Ladla
These are the type of guys who love their mom to the kitchen and back. Yes, they follow them everywhere, literally. And so does their mom because they think that their little son is never grown up enough to even make their own matrimonial profile. You’ll find that their profile is either written by their mom flaunting their son’s skills (except for the bedroom skills of course) and listing the characteristics of the ‘sanskari bahu’ they want. Or you’ll find that the son has written the profile ending up pretty much with, ‘..and I love my mom’. Either way you’re going for adopting a full grown baby. Good luck. Happy parenting.

3. The Despo Guy
These are the guys who think they were born pretty much to get married. Everything about them is below average except for their own version of their ‘dream girl’. For them nothing is out of league because they’ll try their luck even on ‘Angelina Jolie’ given a chance. Yes, that’s their level of dumbness and you can’t even try to bring yourself down to that level just to give them a reality check. They think they are the Shahrukh Khan of the slums. “My name is Mukesh and I’m not a smoker.” And that pretty much explains their wonderland. So would you like to be their Alice? Because; Marriage of course. One of the types of guys on matrimonial sites.

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4. The Overachievers or The Show Off Guy
These are the guys whom you pretty much ignored all your school life as well as college life and now you’re hunting for them; The graduates from the IIM, the IIT, the BITS PILANI, the CA, the IAS etc. You pretty much get the idea right. They are the buttoned up, oily hair and big glasses guys and nothing attracts you to them except for their big fat salary. And they’ll never get over showing off their first class degree, their 5 bedroom bungalow or their BMW. And every time you go out with them you’ll be reminded of it in not so swift manner; “Jee toh main shaam ko 8 baje aa jau aapko lene, apni BMW mein?” But well a girl has got to get her priorities straight right?

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5. The Jon Snow Guy
These are the guys who are totally oblivious of what’s happening around them or even with them. They don’t know the answer to the capital of India or even to, “aap chai loge ya coffee?”
Talking to them would feel like viva where you’re asking the questions to the dumbest kid ever who skipped every class of common sense. And mostly the answers you’ll get apart from the awkward stares and silences would be, ‘I don’t know’. Because of course “you know nothing, Jon Snow.” They are the real life Jon Snow and you got to be a die hard ‘Game Of Thrones’ fan to marry them. The rare one of types of guys on matrimonial sites.

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6. The Shakespeare Guy
These are the guys who try too hard. Seriously and literally. They create a whole new level of language out of English thinking they are the Shakespeare of our generation. For them ‘friends’ is ‘frands’ and ‘marriage’ is ‘merrege’. And mind well, they won’t stop at any cost so you better start learning who Julius Caesar was. And go for them because why buy a ‘phool’ when you can marry a ‘fool’.

So well, that’s it. The only fun fact is that each one of them is ‘Mr. Right’ for someone. Happy hunting. Hope you enjoyedour list of types of guys on matrimonial sites and if so, stay tuned for ‘6 types of girls you meet on matrimonial sites’. And guys, which category would you put yourself into? Please leave your comments in the comments section below.