13 Type Of Singles You’ll Find On Valentine’s Day

Type of singles
Type of singles

If you’re single this Valentine’s day, don’t let anyone weigh your conscience down. It’s your free will – to choose what you want to be. Singles are strong; they are ambitious; they aren’t as snarky as narcissists, though their first love is their own self. Still, there are some who mope around, feeling sorry for themselves. Singles live in a different arena of love. Some love things, some love everyone while some ignore everyone. Then there are some who are extremely lethargic as if they’re married to Laziness!

So, let’s see for ourselves now! If you’re single this V-day, you might belong to one of the following types. Which one are you?

1. The Foodies

Type Of Singles

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Lol, I think I might’ve belonged to this category. Foodies are foodies, no matter the day. But, if you observe, singles eat more on this V-day, just to show their love off to the world. And, their love is truly earnest!

2. Singles who are supporters of “Bajrang Dal”

Type Of Singles

Yes! You can absolutely find them. These kinds of singles are savage! And, not in an inspirational sense. They believe that couples roaming around streets on V-day are a shame to “Indian culture.” They don’t understand a simple fact that –

“Love isn’t a mistake.

Dating is understanding one another, not just physically but spiritually.

Marriage isn’t a means to end Love.”

3. Ones who virtually date Celebrities

Type Of Singles

These kinds of singles strongly believe that he/she is the one in their life. And that “He/She” is a celebrity who they never saw in their life. And there are some who joke about ‘Dating JB’ or ‘Dating Katrina’ this V-day. In a way, couples can relate to this ‘celebrity-worship’ too.

4. Cursing everyone and everything

Type Of Singles

Singles who belong to this category start their V-day with hurling all kinds of curses at love. All through the day, they rant about their exes (if they loved anyone in their past). They don’t just stop there. Their irritation immediately shifts to couples they see during the day. And they keep on grumbling and mumbling about how that couple will be breaking up before the next V-day. In fact, they curse them.

5. The Hint Droppers

Type Of Singles

In the subtlest of ways, they drop hints that ultimately mean, “Hey, I’m single!” They search for a new love. If they’re faced with rejection, they simply move on to the next target. Extremely gregarious, these kinds of Singles are out ‘Hunting’ for love, with V-day gifts and chocolates in their hands as bait.

6. “I’m waiting for my true love to come to me”

Type Of Singles

Honestly, I’ve heard at least ONE of my friends say this very statement to me every year. Love doesn’t come and fall at your feet, FYI. And, what’s true love? Oh, well, that’s a sensitive topic to discuss, ain’t it? Well, there are Singles who brush V-day off with this cliché statement.

7. The Stalkers, of course!

Type Of Singles

Using Valentine’s Day as an excuse, some singles turn aggressive. Maybe, they have a crush on someone. They choose this very day to annoy the hell out of their crushes. Social media or roads, doesn’t matter! They give their all.

8. Me, my bed, my pet, my phone, my books

Type Of Singles

I believe that in the category of “Singles”, this kind is the happiest of the bunch. They don’t irritate couples with random negative philosophy nor do they go around wishing for couples to vanish. They find solace and most importantly, pure love in the littlest of things. Sleeping all day (Lazy people, haha), reading novels or playing with their pets, they do this particularly on V-day just to rekindle their notion of love. Love can be found even in the tiniest of things. All you have to do is, look for it with an open heart.

9. The Advisors or simply, Pessimistic Love Gurus

Type Of Singles

These people are hilarious! They advise their friends, who are in love or about to fall in love, to not fall in love. ‘Coz love is dangerous. They’ll even give you completely logical explanations – why they said what they said. Their motto is simple – “You’re only happy when you don’t fall in love.

10. Misers with fat wallets

Type Of Singles

While their friends spend money buying V-day gifts for their partners, singles rejoice on seeing their purses loaded with money. They are over the moon to have all those currency notes to themselves. And, they boast about it too!

11. If you break up on V-day, you’re 100% Single

Type Of Singles

I got nothing to say to these poor fellows. Wait, poor? I guess not. At least, on a positive note, their money is safe. That makes them rich, though single. Right?

12. The “I feel sorry for myself” Singles

Type Of Singles

And then there are some who absolutely berate themselves for not getting a lover. Instead of rage, they turn gloomy and jealous. Then they complain about how they deserve to not be alone on V-day.

13. Happy Valentine’s Day to MYSELF!

Type Of Singles

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Singles who don’t belong to above categories fall here. “I, me and myself” is their only slogan. Just to irk couples, they go around wishing themselves.

Well, everyone is entitled to celebrate their love in their own way.

Happy Valentine’s day to everyone! Thank you for your Love!
– Team Magzone.

If you’re single, which type of Single are YOU? Else, tag your friends in the comments below who’re single this V-day!


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