8 Tricks To Control Your Anger Before It Starts Ruling Your Mind

Call it frustration/anger/temper, these are the most common ailments we suffer from and there is nothing wrong with it. After all, we need to hype up our emotions once in a while, and we are just humans and it’s a natural tendency to lose our mind sometimes. But once it starts loosening the knots, and starts showing its signs not only on our health but also on our relations maybe then it is something we need to work on. Always remember that we are the masters of our emotions and not the other way round. Once our anger starts ruling our mind, it’s a call for danger.

Here are the tips and tricks that will help you to control your anger.

1. Distraction

This is one of the solutions to cool your mind. When you think you are going to blow out or you feel the heat rise within you, right then think of something that holds your mind. It may be about any show or song or maybe just a plan as to what you are going to do the next day. That way you will be able to avoid the argument and also the post sorrow.

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2. Fidget spinner

This is helping a few. This again helps you distract and you don’t necessarily need to have this. Fidgeting with your fingers or switching your wristband from one hand to another or just clicking a pen does help.

3. Speak it out

Talking about how you feel, with that one person whom you can always rely on, is always helpful. Once you are out of the ‘Anger Zone’ make sure that you talk to someone or with the person whom you were angry on. It not only puts the steam off but also makes you feel a lot better. Remember arguing is not the only solution.

4. Ignore

Learn to ignore (not something that is good for you). Ignorance doesn’t have to be shown on your face (do not carry the ‘I don’t care face’- it pisses the opposite person). Anger makes the person speak something he/she never intends too. So mask your ears from all the harsh words and let the evil thoughts in your mind not take birth.

5. Yoga/meditation

People who are involved in yoga or meditation are known to have good control over their emotions. If it’s getting tough to spare some time for it just go for deep breathing and it will keep your mind stabilized and will reduce your temper.

6. Cry

There are people who are worse at arguments and end up crying while doing the same. It is fine to do so, it doesn’t portray you as a weak person but signifies that you care and respect your relationship. In fact, crying out does help to almost everyone. Learn to cry once you are alone or in front of someone whom you have faith on.

7. Count numbers

When someone is yelling at you and you are trying not to revert back then start counting numbers slowly from 1 to 10. This is the best way to divert your mind and avoids the unnecessary fight.

8. Music therapy

Try listening to your favourite playlist or song once you are out. It will not only help in calming you down but will also protect you from taking any crazy step that you may regret later.

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Try these tricks to control your anger. If you know some more tricks do let us know in the comment section below!