Top Delhi Food Bloggers You Must Follow On Instagram

Food Blogger
Food Blogger

Food blogging is the hot talk of the town, and Instagram the prime medium of it. So, here, we have combined the top food bloggers of Instagram that every Dilliwala must follow.

WARNING: Follow them on your own risk cause once you follow them your news feed will be full of drool-worthy dishes which you won’t be able to resist. ??

1. teekhi_mircheee

A doctor by profession and a foodie by passion, Dr. Radhika Agarwal started to post about her food journey on Instagram last year as @teekhi_mircheee. Being an avid lover of spicy food, her handle truly represented her food preference. She has enjoyed all yummy food from home-cooked meals to gourmet meals.

The brand @teekhi_mircheee, isn’t only an Instagram handle but an effort to showcase best of food and drinks to people out there.Being a medical student and managing an Instagram account has not been easy, says she, but the love showered by everyone has been the real driving force for her throughout.

The handle was started to show her love for food but soon it turned out into a revolution with all the appreciation showered, a revolution to showcase best of food throughout NCR. She has showcased her food right from fancy restaurants using molecular gastronomy to famous street vendors. Now coming to her profession, she is currently pursuing MD and have the plan to open her clinic soon. She aspires to be a lecturer.

2. myfoodproject

Shagun Raizada, a data analyst by profession and a die-hard food fan! For a girl born and brought up in the food capital of India, Delhi, food has always been her first love! Exploring new restaurants, new dishes and cooking some on her own are things she absolutely loves to do.

Through her blog, she wishes to share her dining, cooking and product experiences with everyone. She hogs on a roadside vendor’s chaat to a five star’s buffet to suggest nothing but the best to her followers.

Shagun doesn’t have any favourites in terms of cuisine but prefers Continental, Italian, and Chinese over the rest. A die-hard dessert lover and craves it all the time. Favourite dessert – Banoffee pie

3. agirlwithfork

Delhi-born & brought up girl, she is self-confessed food obsessed eating addict with an insatiable appetite who would travel around the globe and eat all the food world has to offer. Pursuing a career as an IT Consultant, A Girl with Fork is born out of her fondness for food & travel.

She doesn’t call herself any food critic, just a food enthusiast who is enduring a life-long love affair with food. Believes that no matter where you live, there are dishes to discover, exciting and unfamiliar foods to try.Whenever she can, she loves to travel. Infected by a travel bug and happily infected till lifetime.

She tried to cover the city like local, explore local cuisines, shop a little (little shopping doesn’t harm anyone), see some happy places and be a HAPPY TRAVELLER.

4. v_for_veggie

@v_for_veggie is a food blog of Shubhneet Jain. He has been a foodie since his childhood which later turned into his passion. He loves to travel and also read up on different things all around the world. Going through his feeds you can see the amazing talent of photography that he possesses.

5. f_for_foodie

Started by two part-time students and full-time foodies, f_for_foodie is on a quest to make this world a tastier place without burning a hole in the pocket.They proudly empathise with broke college students who are in search of good food, drinks, desserts and everything edible with a fifty rupee note in their pockets.

Thus, they bring to the world ‘Sabse Sasta, Swadisth and Tikau Khana’ from hidden corners, streets and alleyways of Delhi & Chandigarh, you didn’t even think ever existed.

So, the next time when demonetization or month-end crisis hit you hard, you know where to scroll down through!

6. thegreatindianfoodie

Two brothers on the trail of finding some lip-smacking dishes. Sukrit Jain and his brother Kashish dedicate their weekends in bringing the best of foods that can be found in Delhi through their insta handle @thegreatindianfoodie.

7. zingyzest

Sarah Hussain is the name behind Zingy Zest. At the age of 20, she was on the Zomato Leaderboard at No. 1 position for continuous 6months. Now she’s focusing more on Public Relations of the restaurants, she has collaborated with Radisson Blu, Yum Yum Cha, Warehouse Cafe to name a few. Yet you can find a wide variety of Food, from street food to fine dines on her Page.

8. khaata_rahe_mera_dil

A passionate singer, Marvel fanboy, casual gamer having Old School traits.Traditional Indian Food Wisdom fascinates him a lot! He won’t describe himself as a Foodie. “Foodie” can be polarizing & snobbish for some!

He feels its Clumsy Overuse has made it a Banal Hashtag for Social Media Posts accompanying food images. He’s an Enthusiastic Eater who enjoys the food.

Right from the iconic Tikkis & Golguppa-Chaats to the Piping Hot Chole Bhature, pakoras, spicy bhel, kebabs, Paranthas & what not! – Our City Delhi is a Paradise for the Road Eaters & Street Food Junkies! You Name it & We have it, he says.

Realized the Importance of Physical Well Being a Couple of Years back & the Transition from Eating Junk to Eating Right has been a Memorable one for him.

Would Put his Mother’s home Cooked Food to be the Number One thing on this Planet for him! He cherishes each & every meal cooked by her.

He’s on Instagram as @khaata_rahe_mera_dil & has a relatively new blog by the name Delhi Food Nerd on WordPress.

9. desifoodswag

@desifoodswag is a Delhi based blog managed by Paras Kapoor, Investment Banker by Profession but a true foodie at Heart. From Desi Street Food till The Fancy Stuff. @desifoodswag covers all the spots in and around Delhi!

Follow him for more!

10. foodiesince96

Mehak Dhawan, the face behind the handle @foodiesince96 which is almost 6 months old is currently studying in Jesus & Mary College, Delhi University. Born and brought up in Delhi, the city of yummy food, she has been a big foodie and has been exploring new food at fine dining, food joints, street food in Delhi and few places outside Delhi, even before she made her handle. Apart from being a foodie, she loves to do photography and some social work.

11. iamdatingfood

Nikita Varma, a Delhi based food blogger who is enjoying her love affair with food is the face behind this handle. She is a lover of authentic Indian street food & delectable Italian Cuisine. Well, food has always been her first love. She loves exploring new restaurants, different cuisines, and dishes. She believes that every dish has a history which connects us with people & their culture. Isn’t that a beautiful thing?

Food is something you cannot avoid, even if you are not a foodie. You will have to love it, even if you don’t want to.

And @iamdatingfood believes this famous quote ‘There is no love sincere than the love of food.” – George Bernard Shaw Because food is that one thing which never leaves her alone, it reduces her stress level and even works as a mood changer.

Give her a Pizza instead of Roses and she will be the happiest. That’s the reason she loves going on dates with food.

12. dudeandthefood

Gautam Sood, the face behind the handle, loves to weave tales around his gastronomic experiences and aspire to bring the best and the hidden gems of this culinary world to the common man. His dream is to travel the length and breadth of India and enjoy the food on his journey, guilt-free and with lots of passion and obsession.

@dudeandthefood is a stepping stone towards giving shape to his dreams and gaining immense satisfaction and pleasure by making all food lovers a part of his journey.

 13. runawayonmyplate

@runwayonmyplate covers every place in Delhi that is famous for its food and ambiance. From nightclubs to family restaurants, fine dine to street food stalls, Yishu Katiyal, a fashion blogger by profession and a food blogger by choice, and Pallav Arora, a freelance photographer, tries to cover it all.

They also benefit their readers with genuine reviews on Zomato. If you are still confused where to party this weekend/take your spouse out for dinner/have a brunch with colleagues, then you must follow them on Zomato.

 14. thezingytwist

The Spicy Desi punjabi kudi from Delhi who loves to eat. With a nose for mouthwatering food, she and her camera travel to old and new food destination to share her food experience with the people. She has sworn to give you major food cravings every day. This Young woman is passionate about cooking as well and so she started her own food blog through which she shares her food journey and the food she cooks with the twist.

She enjoys photography too and that’s well reflected on her Instagram account! Wish to know more? Visit her official page “@thezingytwist” and get food goals every day!

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