World Of Tomorrow: A Short Film Which Teaches Us Our Future

World of Tomorrow

Oscar award nominee and one among the top 10 animated science fiction short films is bagged by a 15 minute movie – “World of Tomorrow“. This short film was written, produced and directed by one Don Hertzfeldt. This movie features a girl and a woman voiced by Hertzfeldt’s 4-year-old niece and Julia Pott.

Plot of “World of Tomorrow“: One Among Top 10 Animated Science Fiction Short Films

A woman from future contacts a little girl, who is named Emily Prime, through a transmission machine. The woman introduces herself to the little girl as the third generation clone of Emily herself, from 227 years into the future. And so, their journey begins – Into the “World of Tomorrow”. The woman is emotionally dysfunctional. She doesn’t have any medical problems but the future she lives in is a monotonous replica of robots – in the form of humans.

Top 10 Animated Science Fiction Short Films
Top 10 Animated Science Fiction Short Films

The rest of the plot includes the woman trying to explain Emily about their future – their memories, time travel and the love of her life. Though the little girl intently listens to her adult clone, she portrays an emotional human being. The adult Emily is just a shell of her past human self.

According to the film, we can relate ourselves to our possible future –

1. The Internet becomes Outernet

In the film, the little girl Emily is transported and she reappears in an interactive space called “The Outernet”. The Outernet is not a wired network like the Internet. It’s a neural network. Here, emotionally detached clones find their long-lost memories.

Top 10 Animated Science Fiction Short Films
world of tomorrow

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Their memories are sealed in shapes. And, they can only be viewed by opening a specific portal through which the viewers can enter. Precisely, the Outernet is just like a Pensieve in Harry Potter films!

2. Jobs in space

The clone, Emily, had a job. It was controlling the solar-powered robots on Moon. Finally, humans infiltrated space and converted it into a Job-zone. We wouldn’t be more surprised as there are many, now, roaming on roads in search for a job. Who knows? One day, one of us or our next generation will be working on the moon! Maybe, Mars, even!

Top 10 Animated Science Fiction Short Films
Adult Emily controlling space robots on the moon

3. Time Travel

Time Travel is inevitable. Currently, many scientists are doing research of How to break time. The only hurdle is the Paradox concept. We shall be encountering too many of them if this mystery is ever unraveled. The future in this film shows a “Mystified Time Travel“. Though there are portals and transmission devices, the people of tomorrow still do not know how time travel works. This point is clearly expressed by the clone Emily.

Top 10 Animated Science Fiction Short Films

4. Memories in digitized cubes

Have you any photographs of your childhood? What do you feel when you look at them? Joy? Overwhelming nostalgia? A wish to go back to childhood? But, really, can we move back to what we once were? No, right? Maybe, in future, we can! You see the little girl and the clone walk through one of their memories – about an Art Museum. Funny, how the emotionally dysfunctional clone still retains a semblance of her human self! You can see how contradicting her emotions (or lack thereof) are.

They can live their memories again, if only for a short while, they feel human again.

Top 10 Animated Science Fiction Short Films
Memories in digitized cubes

5. In love with inanimate objects

In today’s world, ‘Love’ has become fickle. Love equals to fooling around. There is no true bond between most young couples. This is the sorry state we live in today.

Where there is true love,
there is no bond.
Where the fakes prevail,
the vows stand.

This movie features love between the clone Emily and a rock she met on the moon while working. Later, when she was sent on another job, she fell in love with a fuel pump. Then, a shapeshifting alien whom she named “Simon”.

Top 10 Animated Science Fiction Short Films
Emily in love with a ROCK
World of Tomorrow
Emily in love with a FUEL PUMP
World of Tomorrow
Clone Emily in love with SIMON

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As time went on, she felt the last threads holding her to human sanity break. So, she returned home – to Earth and fell in love with another clone. He was a clone of David – a clone who was born without a brain.

Top 10 Animated Science Fiction Short Films
David and Emily

This movie clearly shows how we are losing our scope to love – to love truly, to love whimsically, to love unconditionally. We are turning into rocks, my friends. And rocks stay with rocks. As long as we remain indifferent to true emotions, we’ll be turning into stones and we’ll only fall in love with similar stones!

6. Stars are Burning dead bodies

The World of Tomorrow, one among Top 10 Animated Science Fiction Short Films shows a status difference too. A meteor will strike the Earth in 60 days and the world shall end. The rich ones, try to save themselves using their money. Many who use time travel to live, transport themselves to outer atmospheric orbit and die and burn. They create the effect of stars and shooting stars.

Top 10 Animated Science Fiction Short Films

The Key Features of this movie-

1. Humor filled poems

A letter from Emily’s grandfather as read by Clone Emily.

Oh, Oh God, Oh God,
Oh God, Oh my God,
Holy mother of God,
Oh, oh, oh, Oh God.

Poem by depressed space robots on the moon.

The light is life
Robot must move

Move robot move
But, why?
Move, move, move
Robot forever move!


  • We only appreciate the present when it is the past

Top 10 Animated Science Fiction Short Films

  • I am proud of my sadness because it means that I’m still alive

Top 10 Animated Science Fiction Short Films

  • Now is the envy of all the dead

Top 10 Animated Science Fiction Short Films

  • We must not linger. It is easy to get lost in memories.
  • I no longer love rocks.

3. Memories with family are unforgettable

The clone Emily asks the little Emily for a precious memory of hers that she can’t seem to remember. It was one in which Emily and her mother have a stroll in the garden. The Clone Emily wanted it so that she can die peacefully.

Woman Emily: Emily Prime, there is another reason I have contacted you today. You retain an early memory that I have forgotten, that was very important to me. I wish to retrieve it from you before I die. I shall extract this memory from you now.

Girl Emily: This is me. And mommy. This is me and mommy walking. This is me and mommy walking.

Woman Emily: Thank you, Emily. This will bring me great comfort in the days ahead.

Top 10 Animated Science Fiction Short Films
Top 10 Animated Science Fiction Short Films

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Recent news on this short film –

Don Hertzfeldt did an amazing work in portraying the state of minds of our future. Now, he has announced on twitter, a sequel, an episode 2, to “The World of Tomorrow. “The Burden of Other People’s Thoughts” is the sequel to this short film. Whoever has seen The World of Tomorrow is expectantly waiting for Episode Two!

Did you watch this short film? What did you think of it? Does It Deserve to be in Top 10 Animated Science Fiction Short Films? Let us know in the comments below!