To Society and Its Fake Standards- “I am Shameless” and “I Pledge To Be Me”

Prajakta Kohli aka Mostly Sane is a perfect combination of sarcasm and wit and this time she has come up with her punch on the society’s face video- “Shameless”

It is a video for those people who think that judging or choosing a girl is done on the basis of her size, her dressing sense or the amount of makeup she carries. People who prefer beauty over intelligence. And to those people we all say – “I don’t care nor do I give a fuck because I am Shameless“. To all the girls out there be yourself.

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Its OK if you are Shameless
Its OK when you don’t give a damn about society
Its OK when you don’t care about your body curve
Its OK when you go with the real color of your face

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All those aunties and behanjis will always have a lot of stuff to tell you about your beauty and how exactly you should carry yourself BUT be Shameless. It’s completely your wish to wax your body or not, put makeup or not, eat pizza or salad and your wish to show a pimple or try hiding it for long.

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Thank-you Prajakta, for shoving the truth on the so-called ‘we care for you’ society and yes if they judge me on my color they have no right to be my friend.

It’s good to see so many personalities supporting the video and this can be said as one of the best works of Mostly SaneLets support her in her cause against body shaming and Lets Pledge To Be Ourselves.

Do comment about the video and share with us your stories where you didn’t give a damn to the standards set by society. Watch the video here.