Thoughts Your Pet Has When You Leave Because Their Eyes And Touch Says It All

Are you a Pet lover? Have you ever been in a situation where you had to let go of your pet? These are the animals that we get, for we love to have one of them.They become a part of our daily routine, and when we lose them we lose a part of us. But have you ever wondered what your pet must have felt when you left? They end up losing everything for you, we are that everything to them.

Though they cannot speak, their eyes and touch says it all. If they could ever talk, maybe this is what they would have liked to tell you.

Dear friend,

I remember the look in your eyes the day you sent me away. They reflected deep sorrow, of which I couldn’t make any sense. Little did I know, I was being sent to a new place away from you and the other loved ones. As I wait for you at the doorstep of this new place, the hours pass into days and yet you never come. I wish I could tell you how much I love you and miss your gentle touch over my head.

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I miss the smile that curved up your lips each time I licked your face and the laughter that followed when I jumped up to be embraced. I miss our long walks and yearn for your endless talks while I licked your hands trying to reciprocate.

I wobble around when I hear the car race, hoping it is you who has come to take me away. I wait for you to pet me while I eat and hold me close in your warmth while you sleep.                Image result for dog hugging owner

As people walk by, I wish to find your face. I try to free myself and find your way. The fear of having lost you grips my heart, and I howl in pain. As tears wash down my eyes I pray to see your face.

As the sun sets down and the skies turn black,
I lay huddled up in the corner and stifle a cry.
While the darkness seeps in, I pass a silent prayer-
If not forever, I wish to see you once again in this life,
for you are not my master but my dearest friend whom I love and miss with each passing day.

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