This Independence Day Let’s Celebrate The Freedom Of Minds

Give Independence To Your "Raped" Minds

Rape” is not just a word for “Sexual Assault“. It also means “Stripping someone of their assets“. And, I have to admit, though grudgingly, that our minds – yours and mine, are truly and thoroughly raped. How many of us are really learning what we love? Is your passion, your profession? Are you happy and satisfied or tired every night? Maybe, a handful of us really went against the stream that society built for us. And, such people face criticisms till they make it “REAL” big.

  1. Which education stream fills your “Adult” banks, not just your piggy bank?
  2. Did you get a less score? Your Aunt’s Sister’s best friend’s brother’s sons and daughters scored a full! You should do it too!
  3. No, you can’t wear this dress, girl, coz it’s inappropriate! (Self: Why did you let me buy it, then?)
  4. Hey, shave your beard! You look horrible, man! (Self: But, I love it!)
  5. You are fit to be either an Engineer or a Doctor. (Self: I want to be a Novelist!)
  6. I gave birth to you so, you will fulfil all my unfulfilled dreams, dear. (Self: Where do I place my dreams, mom and dad?)
  7. Love and dating are out of your league, miss! You will marry the man of my choice! (Self: Mama, I should sleep with him forcibly and then you’ll be the one who raped my mind)

Our minds’ flow is altered by someone else. We unwittingly let the people around us rule our thoughts. Unintentionally, we hard wire ourselves to do better – not for ourselves but for those who associate with us. All those “Self” sentences remain unsaid and unheard. So, it’s time that you gave Independence to your raped minds.

Rule 1 – Let others know who you are

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It’s mandatory that those around you, in your life, know who you are. Your name isn’t just enough anymore. Firstly, you need to know you. Are you a practical person? Or, a dreamer? Do you like to succumb to society’s standards? It’s not wrong if that’s what you like. But, let them know.

This is me. Accept me, at least try. No? Then scram, by all means.

Rule 2 – Set your standards

What is the difference between Maruti Suzuki and Lamborghini? They are cars all the same, aren’t they? Yet, one is priced higher, the highest. The features – their standards make a huge difference, guys! Specifications of a machine may be designed by someone as it’s merely a non-living item.

We breathe and it’s in our hands – how high or low we place our goals at. It’s hardly bothersome when you explain why you want what you want to that person who is hell-bent on lecturing you about “Your goals“.

Follow your own pace. Tortoise or Hare – you’ll be there! Tread with care.

The thing is, do not ever compare the level of your goals to anyone else’s. Then, you’ll be the one raping your mind.
Shrug off the tasks plastered on you by others. Follow your own rope, even if you get a rope burn.

Rule 3 – You’re worthwhile. Never forget that!

Why do we let other’s opinions get to our head?

“That boy scored a full. The Math test was easy! I should’ve gotten a full too. I can’t even study properly. I’m the worst son to my parents.”

“He said he never missed me. Am I the only one struggling to hold us together? I bet he doesn’t even want me! Look at you! Your face is terrible and I’m so fat. I’m not beautiful like other girls. So, yeah, why will he want me? I’m not good enough.”

If you are that kind of person, you seriously need to reconsider about your life. Dear, you’re worth everything in this world. To you, no one else should be better. Make yourself your first priority and if anyone is judgmental, give them a double finger mentally and laugh it off. Do not abuse yourself.

Rule 4 – Live for yourself, not others

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Does that one-piece look appealing to you? Go and try it on! Flaunt your choice to this abnormal society. (That doesn’t mean you can run around in your birthday suit and say ‘It’s my choice!’ That’ll be harassment.) Hey, boy, do you love to do unconventional hairstyles to your hair? Go get it done!

Eliminate these from your mind –

  1. Will they like it if I show up in a short frock?
  2. My parents will be down in the mouth if I don’t get a high annual pay job. I should stop painting (his hobby) now and study.
  3. I’m a girl and I’m supposed to look beautiful with an hourglass figure. I’ll leave this pizza here. Get me some salad!
  4. And the list goes on.

Live your life the way you want it because you only live once. Make your passion your profession. Success is a secondary matter as long as your face radiates a huge goofy grin.

Here are a few people who strayed off the path their parents set for them –

1. Katy Perry

Her parents don’t approve of her career even today. And, she’s damn successful.

2. Alfred Nobel


Did you know that Nobel wanted to be a Novelist? His father, knowing that his son was inclined towards literature, sent him off to study chemical engineering. Even after pursuing a profession that isn’t his forte, Nobel used to write in his private quarters. Though his works were never published, he made sure that ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ was to be awarded to standout writers.

3. Dwayne Johnson

Passion – Wrestling

He had to convince his pro wrestler Dad to allow him into the ring. His Father was adamant on his decision – Dwayne should not be a wrestler. Ultimately, he gave in to his son’s desires and look where that brought Dwayne!

4. Florence Nightingale

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Passion – Nursing

Her parents wanted her to go by the book, that is, marry a man and bear a child. Florence expressed her wishes – that she aspired to become a nurse. They disapproved at once because, in those days, there had been a talk that nurses were promiscuous. So, they brought her a proposal, which she refused and pursued a career in nursing. She was the one responsible for bringing about a revolution in the sanitation of hospitals.

5. Eminem

His story was really depressing. Watch the movie 8 Mile. It’s a bit rough around the edges but it’s so close to Eminem’s life.

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On this Independence day, set your minds free from the barriers society created for you. It is the only mantra to live a beautiful life.

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