6 Things One Should NEVER Do After A Breakup

Things You Should Never Do After BreakUp

If you are already going through a breakup, you may not like this article. But it’s going to be the truth, and you have to learn the hard way. My love to all you mates out there! Also, breakups are anyway not pleasant, because after all, love is lost. But you know what, the strongest of tides change their course, and you, my friend will come out triumphant from this phase.

Just make sure you DON’T do these things after a heartbreak:

1. Stop socializing

I know you feel lost and aloof amidst a thousand people, but you can’t beat the positive vibes and amiable spirit that social gatherings bring with them. Embrace them, even if your inner negativity coerces your conscience to do otherwise. Smile, nod, just fake it all. With time you will realize that the fakeness goes away gradually.

things you should never do after breakup

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2. Drown yourself in work

You know what they say; even meds taken in overdose can kill. Exactly my point! It’s normal for you to try distracting yourself by keeping yourself occupied. But stressing out your body and brain beyond their limit is strictly not advisable. Work all you want, but try other activities too, like travelling, reading, cooking, or any hobbies.

things you should never do after breakup

3. Make alcohol your panacea

Missing your ex? 2 pegs down. Saw them at work? 2 pegs down. Read old chats? 2 pegs down. Feeling lonely? Whole bottle down. That should not be it. Occasional drinks are fine. Even good for health, as science says. But don’t infuse in yourself the ‘Mujhe peene ka shauk nahi, peeta hu gam bhulane ko’ philosophy. An addiction like this can destroy you, and I mean it.

things you should never do after breakup

4. Become the psycho stalker

It hurts, it so darn hurts. True. But that doesn’t allow you to invade an individual’s privacy, no matter how intimately you have known them in the past. You miss them that much, go through the stored images, or check their social handles for a while. But don’t make it a routine to literally visit their profile every hour or so.

things you should never do after breakup

5. Self-loathing and hurting

Harming yourself, physically or mentally, leads you on a path that will destroy so many lives you can’t even imagine. Don’t push yourself in believing you are the worst person alive and that is why your heart broke. Nobody is perfect. And it is rather better that you two live happily separated, than carrying on a toxic relationship. If you were the one at fault, make sure you try to let go of that habit of yours. You can’t undo the wrong, but you can for sure prevent it from happening ever again. Be the hero of your story. I believe you can.

6. Get into a relationship to come back at your ex

Rebound relationships are different. It is your way of coming over what hurts you- the lack of a partner. But getting into a relationship just to make your ex-jealous or to come back at them, will be hurting the most to the third person whom you chose as your bait. Do not make that innocent soul feel the pangs of unrequited love for no apparent fault of theirs.

things you should never do after breakup

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Embrace the positive. Eat. Pray. Love.

Do it for yourself. You are worth every penny, and sometimes, whom you would have thought as the entire book could have been destined to mean nothing but a mere chapter in your life story. There’s more to come. Smile, and wait.

Have you also done these things after a breakup? Do let us know in the comment section below!