25 Things You Should Have Figured Out By The Time You Turn 25

What Turns You On?

Are You 25? Here Are The Things You Should Have Figured Out By The Time You Turn 25.

1. Coping Mechanism: Be it break-ups or anything else that life throws at you. If you’re in your mid-twenties, then by now you should have figured out what works best for you while coping with life. A walk, meditation, some alone time or a long night conversation with friends. Or maybe traveling. Whatever it is, figure it out.

2. Drinking Limit: By the time you turn 25 you should know that how many shots are enough to keep you decently drunk. And always, always stop one shot before the alcohol level that might make you want to drink call/text your Ex.

3. Passion: What truly drives you? A passion that makes you endure your hardest days and soothes your soul. Find that out. And pursue it. Even if not professionally, pursue it as a hobby in your spare time. Stay driven. That’s the key to life.

4. Music: By now you should be able to tell that which musical instrument or what kind of music you love listening to. Something that soothes your soul and calms your mind. Find that out and listen more to it. And if possible, learn to play it too.

5. Friends: By the time you turn 25, you must have had your fair share of life learning experiences. And that will always help you discover who are your true friends. Discover them and hold them close. And no matter how large your friend circle is, there is always an inner circle. Remember that.

6. Flaws: No one is perfect and everyone has flaws. But what’s important, is to be aware of them. Love Yourself with all your flaws because, self-love the most important kind of love. And along with loving your flaws, if there’s anything that you would want to change, work on it as well.

7. Strengths: By now you should have done a SWOT analysis of yourself and known your strengths too. Knowing what your strengths are will help you handle life in a better way. Keep that in mind.

8. Self love: First, Fall in love with yourself. It’s that simple.

9. Partner Preference: Well, life is weird and of course you’re allowed to be confused. But if you’re in your mid twenties then I guess it’s high time you’ve figured out your partner preferences. Things that really matter to you and things that you might be ready to let go. Figure that out. Don’t stay confused anymore.

10. Fashion: Fashion definitely keeps changing but what really matters is what is the fashion to you. Figure out what suits you best. Skinny jeans or pants? What’s hairstyle suits you best? Colors, style etc. And most importantly; what you are comfortable wearing.

11. Hacks: Life becomes easier with them right? We do so much in our day to day life and mess up too. It’s always nice to know some day to day life hacks that might make our lives a little easier. Right? So find out what you need help with and then Google it’s hacks just find a YouTube video. That’s simple.

12. City Roads & Shortcuts: Know the roads and also the shortcuts of the city that you’re currently living in. It’s important and you might never know in what ways it might help someday. And most importantly, know the shortest way to your office.

13. Best Food Places: Right from the five-star hotel of your city to the best pani poori stall in some corner of your city. Find that out of you’re a foodie!

14. Your Spot: Every person needs their spot. A spot that makes you feel like home when you’re lost. A place where you can sit and introspect. It’s not just a spot. It’s the spot. It’s your spot. It maybe some bench in a garden or a terrace of the highest building in your city or maybe just your couch at home. Find that out.

15. Finances & Spending: Figure out your finances. List down your priorities when it comes to finances. And save, even if it’s in small amounts. And when it comes to spending, spend on experiences because you will never regret that.

16. Family Values: Somewhere along the teenage years and youth we all go through a phase where you might drift apart from your family. But by the time you’re 25, you’re mature enough to know the value of your family and its importance. Hope you’ve figured that out by now.

17. Way Back To Home: Both figuratively and literally.

18. Pads or Tampons: If you’re a girl, by now you should’ve figured out what works best for you.

19. Travel: Figure out what places you love when it comes to traveling. Mountains, forests, beaches, snow or summer places? And travel there, more and more. Find out more places. And by now you should have taken at least one trip with friends and one solo trip. If not, what’re you waiting for? And when it comes to solo trips, it works wonders and helps you discover yourself. Do it.

20. Your Beliefs/Life Orientation: Figure out what are your beliefs and life orientations. Religious or atheist? Tea or coffee? Gay, straight or bisexual? Android or IOS?

21. Your pet: Figure out which pet is ‘the one’ for you. Are you a Cat person or Dog person? Or a Panda person? Figure it out.

22. Turn on/ Turn off: What qualities or features turns you on or turns you off? Hope you’ve figured that out. And also, know what are your own turn on’s and turn off’s.

23. Your Sport: Cricket or Soccer? Or any other sport. Know what is the sport that you enjoy the most. And if possible, learn it and play more often.

24. The Movie: What is that one movie that touches the most vulnerable corner of your heart and soul? The movie that you’ve watched a hundred times and can watch a thousand times over.

25. Book/Author: Everyone should have figured out by now that which is that book or author that really matters to them. The one book that you pick up again and randomly read through the pages. If you don’t have it yet, hope you find it soon. And if you’re not a reader, then you’ve just not found your book yet. Keep looking.

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