9 Things You Should Do When Your Best Friend Is Going Through A Breakup!

Friend going through breakup
Friend going through breakup

You shared failures, success, happiness, sadness, anger and hate together. The only person you can confide at every possible hour is your Best-Friend. Your emotional pillar will need you the most in one of their worst phase, breakup. It is an agonizing thought to see your best friend in pain and all you want to do is slap that scumbag. Let us avoid violence and focus on important thing i.e., pacifying your best friend and being there for him/her.

At that moment even your mind will go blank and all you want to know is how can you support him/her. The MagZone, your friend in this virtual world, will help you to support your friend.

Following are the things you should do during your best friends break up:

1. Be there for him/her

Our vivacious dost tend to isolate himself/herself. It is very important to not to leave them alone.

A) Listen

Stay with them as a listener, pacifier and counsellor. Before speaking listen to him/her. Make sure to remind that you are there. Stay with them until they start believing in forever again.

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B) Hug

Hugging improves trust and gives him/her sense of belongingness. Hug releases oxytocin, which reduces stress level. Give them a shoulder to cry, but do not let them slip into too much melancholy. Pull them out at right time.

C) Counsel

It is very important to feed them right words and fill positive thoughts. Make sure your words are supporting, heartfelt and real. Try to convey them that, they did a lot for the other person, more than he/she deserved. It is time to recall the best in your bestie. Tell them how amazing he/she is.

2. Night outs – Phone and Video Calls

Even after meeting them and talking to them, it is not a great idea to leave them. I suggest you people to plan a night out, because nights are harder than days for broken hearts. If the probability of ‘no night-outs’ is high, save the nights on phone and video calls. Stay in touch for the rescue.

3. Love Exercise – Love Gym

Yeah! You enrolling yourself will not help your best friend, but enrolling together will. Exercise improves blood flow and oxygen intake. Early morning jogging is a great idea if a constructive exercise in the gym will not help. It flushes out toxic thoughts and improves positive thinking. It even prevents depression.

4. Eat forever

Good food has the ability to improve mood. Tasty, yummy delicious foods have the ability to produce happy hormones in the body. It is the right time to visit all food joints and eat like kumbhakarna. Go beyond limits and have food competitions. Let us see who will win biryani eating competition among you both.

The top view of friends eating lunch in a diner Vršovice, Prague, Praha 101, Prague, Czech Republic

5. Keep things away

Become watcher and keep all those which will remind him/her of the scumbag. Keep places, gifts, pictures and any things, which will remind them at bay. Geet’s formulae is not at all a faux, try burning pictures. Any shoes and clothes, why don’t you donate them?

After few months of break up, take your friend to that place and make new memories. Replacing old memories let him/her live freely in the place, where he/she was once with that douchebag.

6. Rational decisions

Our equation with one who hurts our friend is worse than Sadam Hussain and America. All we want to do is slap and kill, but be rational. Your bestie will go through a phase where he/she wants to take revenge or do something insane. Be rational and stop your friend. Don’t do anything stupid which will affect either lives forever. A start is not a phase of forgiveness, but practice ignorance. Later walk to forgiveness.

7. Fun and Sports

Play together. I don’t want to mainstream cricket, so any sport he/she loves and bond on with you, maybe basketball, swimming and badminton. Physical outdoor sport is much better than any indoor sport but no denying that video games can change the mood. Go play video games, pool and paintball.

8. Career

Best diversion is diverting and focusing on the right path. One such thing is the career. Sit together, craft a plan and steps to take. Tell him/her how much he/she is capable of success and wonders he can create using his/her talent. If there is any creative aspect he/she is hiding, this is the right time to sharpen or improve it. Help him/her do it.

9. Understand your limits

After everything you do, there will come a period where you have to let your best friend fight alone. There are few demons waiting for your bestie. So, prepare him/her to fight with them, do not fight for them. Understand your limits and give him/her space.

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Break-up is worst heartache one has to go through. I am sure your bestie will come out strong and fine. Don’t worry. Take care of your BFF. Be there for him/her and help them win the battle. All the best, hope you succeed as a good friend.

Are there more things that you should do as a best friend? Let us know in the comments below.