7 Things You Would Relate To About Christmas If You Studied In A Convent School

If you happened to study in a convent school, Christmas becomes an important part of your memories. The celebration, the holidays, the sweets and the church visit everything makes Christmas a joyous and wonderful festival to celebrate.

So here are 7 things that you would relate to about Christmas if you studied in a convent school

1. The Christmas Celebration

The last working day before holidays is for Christmas celebration. We practise a lot for the celebration (Remember the extra zero periods we used to have) and then we wait for the day to come so that we can begin our holidays. The celebration is so much fun and full of rejoice.

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2. Visiting the Church

Christmas is the best occasion to visit a Church. The wonderful decoration makes us happy and excited about the festival.

3. Singing beautiful Carols

Sisters, teachers and students singing beautiful carols together. Religion is not a barrier because you always knew all the words of the carol by heart. *Jingle Bells*

4. The Santa Claus

Either one of the teachers or the students would come up disguised as Santa and throw away toffees and chocolates at the crowd of students watching the celebration. Catching and snatching the sweets and then shouting- ‘Hey! I received the sweet from Santa’ was a fun thing to do.

5. Distribution of sweets

The best part was when we returned back to our classes and sweets were distributed, either chocolates or cupcakes. Some of us would purposely attend the school that day to receive the sweets.

6. The Holidays

The joyous moment was the holidays that we got. The winter vacations were the best part and were there for about two weeks.

7. Carol Singing Competition

This happens one day before the celebration. It not only creates a competitive environment but also makes us sing numerous carol songs. The dresses, the Santa, the beautiful Carols, students dressed as Mother Mary, Father Joseph and Shepherds made the competition more interesting and fun.

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The MagZone wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! May this festival bring abundant joy and happiness in your life.

Tag your convent friends in the comment section below and re-live the Christmas memories!