10 Things You Realize When You Are Halfway Through The College

College life is pretty much amazing. It’s more of a roller coaster ride – there are innumerable turns, you don’t know most of the times what is coming next and all you can actually do is go with the flow and enjoy your freaky ride. However, it is not exactly how we presume it to be; things don’t turn out the way we think they are going to, but we learn, we grow, and at the end, we realize that we have a very whimsical idea of “amazing”. While you might start off really well, you will mess up big time in your freshman year, trust me. But finally, you’ll make your way through all your struggles and be fine.

So here are a few things you realize when you’re halfway through this roller coaster ride:

1. You are good on your own

Remember when you sat with that huge group of people and you loved them so much that you often wondered what you would do without them? Well, turns out that people fall apart and that’s okay. It is not easy but you learn to do without them and go on with your life.

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2. You hate and love the place simultaneously

There are spots that have bittersweet memories of the time you’ve spent earlier. You remember having fought, cried, laughed, pranked in the very same place. You’ll hate the place for bringing up that feeling of nostalgia but also like it somewhere inside. You’ll love the place for the things to come yet, a handful of people and new adventures.

3. That grades do matter (at least more than we think they do)

While social media is full of motivational shit that your grades do not matter and your college life are your days for enjoying life, there is something you should know – that it is the half-truth. In the real world, grades do matter, at least to get you in the university if you wish to continue your education further. The concepts are definitely the most important things and you should also be enjoying your early days of youth but you gotta keep those grades good as well.

4. You hate certain people

You will always have a person or two around whom you will dislike in spite of trying hard to like them. Whether it is because they are just mean to you, or you don’t just match with each other or if it is just without a reason – you can’t help but hate them. And that is fine because you don’t need to like everyone you see or meet; some people don’t get along and you’re okay to keep it that way.

5. You reconcile with some friends you never thought you would

Just because you and your friends get through a rough phase doesn’t mean you end things with them. Eventually, you ended up clearing the air and things between you and your friend are so much better!

6. That “school best friends never leave” is a myth

Life gains pace once you go on with your college. School friends are separated by distance and unfortunately sometimes, by heart too. You learnt that times change and so do people and that has nothing to do with school.

7. You have just a handful of people in your life and you love it anyway

You become very specific about your company after a point and avoid having a lot of people in your life. You have few friends you care about and you love the way things are. No regrets!

8. Some people are not meant to be with you even if you want them to

Some relationships don’t work out, you can cringe about it, cry about it and yet there is nothing you can do with it. You want them to work so badly, you work so hard, somehow end up with a broken heart. However, you eventually learnt to accept the fact that sometimes, certain people are lessons and you can do everything you can to keep them but they’re just not meant to be.

9. You learnt the art of letting go

Letting go of a person who is so dear to you is no less than a challenge. And yet, just after you thought you couldn’t do with the emotional trauma, you accepted the truth and then, more importantly, you let them go. Letting go made you feel good and you realize it was a lesson learnt well – just the hard way!

10. That you withstood everything you thought you couldn’t bear and you came out stronger

You look back and see the mess you made, you laugh it off and see how you’ve got your shit together, well, at least better than before. You cannot believe how despite coming across the most arduous times, you’ve become stronger than you were before and in the end that is all that matters, i.e. becoming a better “you”!

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