6 Things We Lose After Turning 18

I have waited eagerly for turning 18. Being an adult and having the freedom to do everything was quite amusing. The mere thought of it sent exciting chills down my spine. I’m sure every teenager on the threshold of attaining the legal age must have felt so. However, we often do not realise the things at stake when we are too worked up upon the thing we want. Turning 18 was all fun and games, until I got acquainted with things I lost. Yes! there are several things we lose after turning 18.

Some of the things we lose after turning 18 are:


How else would you attain adulthood without losing your childhood? Childhood, by far the best stage of life is largely characterised by getting away with anything that goes wrong, evading responsibility without a damn in the world and living life without conforming to the social norms. But when you turn eighteen, the biggest heartache that follows is parting with the childhood. 

Things we lose after turning 18.

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Even though you may say and believe that you are now a rightful owner or claimant of all the Freedom granted by the Constitution, you barely realise that you lost your freedom over to Responsibility. Earlier, not carrying out your duties responsibly would have only called for a few scorns and scoffs, but now not abiding with responsibilities is the most serious crime, with punishments ranging from severe taunting to translucent ostracism. Are you really ready for your eighteenth now?

Things we lose after turning 18.


Up till seventeenth, life is all about “EAT, SLEEP AND REPEAT” (Add Netflix and Chill if you want). Planning a trip to Goa with friends (of course, it’s never a success), wandering aimlessly like a hooligan, not worrying about saving pennies for the future, etc is how you live off. But turning eighteen now requires thinking reasonably and acting carefully which is ultimately losing carefreeness. “When are you going to learn to cook?”; “It’s about time you started living fairly.” ; “Stop kidding yourself and stop playing around with those hoodlums of friends you have”, are some of the annoying sentences that become ritual verses, you hear every day. Well, good luck with your eighteenth.

Things we lose after turning 18.


If you’re constantly pressurized for choosing a right career, then hello friend you have really entered adulthood. Well, it’s nothing new in India for a 5-year-old child being asked to decide if he wants to become a doctor or a scientist (Indian obsession with science, you know?). But entering adulthood means actually being tormented to decide upon a career, which means, dreaming about thoughtless fields is not acceptable. And if you aim to become a writer, painter, photographer or a model, then get ready for the actual apocalypse that follows.

Things we lose after turning 18.


I can tell that most of you are not too aroused by the idea of getting married but once eighteen, the pressure is real. Bring in a guy/girl of your choice to your parents and they’ll revolt in the best way they can. Tell them you don’t want to marry and see them pleading, “Koi pasand hai toh bata do beta.” 

The whole concept of marriage itself is vague in India, but once you are legally allowed to get into a wedlock, it gets even more blistering and confusing.

Things we lose after turning 18.


Who doesn’t love the feeling of being protected? Earlier, getting protection from parents, family or others was like a birthright. Of course, it sometime feels like overprotection and cringing, but once you achieve the label of an adult you are let off like a docile lamb in a forest. Even though you’re being protected in some way or the other throughout your life, there’s nothing that compares to the protection you get in your early years.

Things we lose after turning 18.

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Adulthood to me seems like the forbidden fruit of paradise. You crave to taste it. But once you do, there’s nothing but remorse for you. The remorse is sometimes accompanied by pleasure. Turning eighteen is not all grave and saddening. Though these are several cons of being 18, it does grant you some wonderful pleasures of life. So let’s embrace adulthood with acceptance and readiness.

Tag your friends who have turned 18 and also those who are going to to let them know about the things we lose after turning 18.