9 Things We Can’t Live Without These Days

Things We Can’t Live Without

No, we are not alone on any island. We are not single at all. In a crowd of people, we stay. There are always people around us, doing the things they need to do. Oh, we do associate with them. But, really, do we? Are there empty hands these days? Certainly, they aren’t occupied with too much work to do. Instead, they hold a single addictive piece – the smartphone.

What about ears, then? Are they attentive and alert nowadays? They sit plugged even during lectures, listening to the same old songs with bass. And, our eyes? Affixed to that technology we so carefully cradle in our palms.

Seriously, let’s ask ourselves one simple question –

Are they worth it? 

Here is a list of few things which we, the youth of this generation, simply cannot live without or forego in the future.

1. Smartphone

things we can't live without

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On roads, or at home, there is no place we don’t use the smartphone. Raise your hands if you use your phone even in the bathroom. 90% of people do so! And, if you’re in the remaining 10%, you’re frigging great. Too many apps – too much ease. The smartphone is an addiction that surpasses smoking, even. Smoking kills the body outright but smartphones first damage our ability to think clearly, to take part in real social gatherings instead of silly texts on WhatsApp groups. Smartphone sure did turn us into Stupids.

2. Junk food

things we can't live without

Don’t take me wrong. I seriously love food and I bash people who are against it, who are into diets and keto-diets. But to those people who consume outside food on a daily basis, you need to seriously reconsider your lifestyle. Fast foods are different from junk foods. Fast-foods are processed quickly and stored in cans; they contain nutrients, if not to the level available in home foods. Junk foods are processed food too, but, they contain zero nutritional value. These foods are another addiction for today’s youth. Though we all love home food, we don’t stop gobbling up junk foods.

3. WiFi Network

things we can't live without

We need WiFi in malls so that when our shopping is done, we can sit on an iron chair and browse through the net. Railway stations – even there we need WiFi on our cellphone to apparently kill the time. Pub? WiFi, please! Party? WiFi again! We can’t imagine using our phone without mobile data or WiFi. Now that Jio has so wonderfully welcomed 4G data at reasonable prices, WiFi vendors started providing more GB. It’s a clash we are willing to partake in. I can’t imagine how we’ll stay if the power went off, even for a few minutes. I guess, in future, every house will have an inbuilt inverter and we can continue using WiFi though the power’s cut off!

4. Social media gossip

things we can't live without

Once upon a time, personal issues were actually, tremendously personal. Now? If we eat, let’s say, a laddu, we take a few photographs of it – in our hands, between the index and middle fingers, in our mouth, on our nose and what not!

Eating yellow yummy ladduuuu… Mmmm… Tasty!

#laddu #yummy #tasty #ghee #food #festival #sweet #boring #love

We cry, don’t we? The situation might be worse and we used to crave for a shoulder to lean on. Now, we crave for comments under our status update.


Can’t stop these tears! Feeling so angry and depressed.

And you know how the story goes about in the comments. We became attention seekers.

5. Boyfriend or Girlfriend

things we can't live without

A boyfriend to a girl and a girlfriend to a boy is considered a mark of status these days, not as a go-mark for building relations and families. 5% people in love-relationships hang on to their first love. The remaining simply move on to another. It’s not wrong but it isn’t right either. Asked a question, “How can you move on so easily?” Then they reply, “We weren’t compatible enough. That’s all.

6. The Selfie fever

things we can't live without

When it comes to selfies, we are very obsessed. Before posting a picture on social media, we take tons of selfies and select a single picture from it. We don’t bother if the ocean waves are going to drown us as long as the landscape in our selfie captures the tides of the ocean. We do not bother if the Leaning Tower of Pisa is going to fall upon us as long as we get a good shot of ourselves among the falling debris. In short, we can’t live without taking at least one selfie a day. Let’s not talk about Dhinchak Pooja though. Her Selfie cost her, her YouTube videos (haha).

You need to read the number of selfie-deaths happening. Take a look Here!

7. Television serials

things we can't live without

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That one episode – we run for it! How many of us eagerly waited for the airing of the 1st episode of Game Of Thrones Season 7? Many. I woke up at 2 a.m. in the morning to watch Supernatural season 13 episode no. 1. Ridiculous, ain’t it? Yet, we still continue. It’s, as I mentioned earlier, a deep addiction we can’t turn our backs to. Just like we fight for our rights, we fight to watch those damn episodes and we love the adrenaline rush of pure addiction.

8. Hero worship

things we can't live without

I ought to write this as the number ONE on this list. I’ve seen my friends fight each other for a thing as silly as the heroine who’ll be acting next to their favourite hero. In WhatsApp statuses, I see my friends put up images of Pawan Kalyan, Salman Khan and whoever they adore. And the tagline?

You’re our God!

This is true Pawanism!

Salman bhayya, aap tho mere sab kuch ho!

There are heroes and heroines who do charity and preach values. If you really admire them, why not follow their footsteps instead? Why put up statuses that sing their praise? Why tattoo their name on your hand? Did they provide you with anything? Have you ever met them, at least once? It’s really sad, how people are willing to end their relationships with the person who cares for them just because they don’t support the hero/heroine they adore.

9. Gaming

things we can't live without

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Games used to be a pastime – to relax stuffed brains. Now we just stuff our brains with games and nothing else. You find a group sitting together with their heads bent down to their smartphones, you can clearly say at one glance that they might be playing mini-militia or clash of clans or something on those lines. Where are the days of Super Mario and Adventure Island on a TV screen? Our thumbs are the joysticks now. Once we get into a game, we forget everything else.

Count your addictions. Ask yourself if they are really worth your time. Tag your friends in the comments below who are addicted to at least one of the aforementioned things.