You Belong To True Indian Millennial Generation If You Have Tried At Least 25 Out Of These 31 Things

The joy of life is to try absurd things. Things we do as children turn into sweet stories we share with others and the next generation. Just sometimes, you need to walk beyond the line of sanity. Why? To test the meter of your insanity! Having weird ideas doesn’t make you insane. Not having the guts to take risks will make you insane. ‘Coz You Only Live Once!

So, let us know, how many of these following simple things you’ve done!

1. Eating ice cream while drinking HOT coffee

Cold coffee with ice cream is the combo most of us prefer. But, you must know that cold ice cream and hot coffee make a perfect combo too. Once I dipped a spoon of cold chocolate ice cream in a mug of hot coffee, scooped up some liquid and ate it. The thing is, you’ll feel the hotness of coffee (Take it without sugar) and the coolness of ice cream.

Affogato Italian style dessert hot coffee with a scoop of cold ice cream

2. Praying to God (acting, mostly) ‘coz your Mom/some elder said so

Our generation is turning into a mob of atheists. There might come a day when there are no theists left. A day where Churches, Temples, Mosques, Gurudwaras etc., stand only as relics of architectural history but not places of prayer and peace.

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3. Cooked food but never shared it with anyone

We cook because we want others to praise us for the efforts we put for them. But no matter how many times you cook, you never cook it right. So, you’re obliged to eat it by yourself and act as if it were sumptuous!

4. Cooked Maggi in Milk and Dairymilk Silk

Believe me when I say that I and my friend actually did this. And it turned out to be the worst experiment ever. I had a tummy ache for 2 days!

5. Drank soda and curd together and felt a painful burp

Have you heard of “The Persian Coke”? It’s also known as “Doogh”. It’s a fermented product made with curdled milk, fizzy water (Soda) and seasonings. I live in an area where these kinds of beverages are out of my reach. So, I decided to make one and gulp it down. Using a mixer, I prepared liquefied yoghurt and mixed it with soda in improper proportions. Added a bit of salt, green chillies, sugar, smashed pudina leaves, and nimbu (lime) to it. I must say, it wasn’t bad but it surely gave me a tummy ache again for a day.

6. Singing/humming some song while french kissing your partner

Ever felt the vibrations tingling your lips while you hummed a song and French kissed your partner at the same time?

7. Imagined yourself on-screen while a movie was playing

Not as a Hero or a Heroine but as yourself, standing by the hero’s side or anyone’s side and doing whatever’s on your mind. Have you ever thought of smashing the heroine to bits when she acts like there’s no other innocent person alive on this Earth except for her?

8. Flipped the bird to a complete stranger on road

Have you showed the finger to anyone? In public?

9. Told a lie to your boyfriend/girlfriend that somebody proposed to you

What was their reaction, if you did number 9?

10. Put micro-xeroxed slips in your pockets/pouch but couldn’t open them because the exam invigilator wouldn’t let go of your side

If you’re a studious student, I’ll bet you’ll be too afraid to put one slip. But if you did, share your story with us.

11. Read 2-3-4-5 story books at the same time

Strictly story books and not textbooks. We read them consecutively, one after the other. But, have you read many at the same time? If so, then how many?

12. Throwing stones at your neighbour’s home and running away but still getting caught

Just ‘coz you hate your neighbour!

13. Pressing doorbells and sprinting away before the doors open

Why? ‘Coz hiding and watching the expressions of the person who opens the door is priceless.

14. Ate boiled pineapple slices

Tastes like sh*t, purely personal feelings there. I always prefer the fruit which isn’t boiled.

15. Clipping your nose closed just so that you could gulp down ‘Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother’ juice

Apple Cider Vinegar (only with Mother) is very healthy. But when you open the cap, you’ll know that ‘Heath comes with a really bad funky odour’.

16. Let’s be really honest, okay? Hands up, those who were/are in multiple relationships.

Playboy/Playgirl, aren’t you? Enjoy youth while we can, right?

17. Kissing your best friend on lips, not cheeks

Best friends turn into lovers, sometimes. But, have you ever kissed your ‘just best friend’ in a purely platonic fashion?

18. Kissing yourself in the mirror

Only to feel the tangy metallic glass taste of the mirror and not your lips or skin.

19. Another one! Kissing a person of the same gender. No judgments on The MagZone.

Oh, we sure are becoming a broad-minded generation. So, please do share your stories with us.

20. Didn’t sleep a few days in a row when there weren’t any exams.

Do let us know how many days, if you did this. Surely, we did this, didn’t we?

21. Buying chips and biscuit packets, not for eating, but for those “Free 3D Pokemon cards.”

I still remember counting the number of cards I have and jumping high in the air when I came to know that my friend had 2 cards lesser than those with me.

22. Bathe using scalding hot water in Summer too

Tag this weird friend of yours too!

23. Be honest again and do put this number in the comments below if you don’t bathe in Winter for a couple of days continuously

Seriously, man! Seasons don’t matter. You should keep your body clean always.

24. Built a tree house by yourself or with the help of your friends

It’s a beautiful feeling, isn’t it? Staying in tree houses.

25. Tried opening the locks in your house using hairpin

This is purely inspired by movies. In movies, they show that locks can be easily opened using hairpins or paperclips. And so, we try it too but we are never successful!

26. Also tried to loosen the screws on window sills with a rupee coin

Funny! If the screws on window sills could be easily opened with a rupee coin, why bother using instruments like drillers, screwdrivers and all? Still, since the movies showed us that it could happen, we, as children, with pea-sized brains, do it.

27. Played shuttle without a racquet but with a wooden paper pad

Wooden paper pad and as shuttle-cock, a rolled crumpled paper. Have you played this pad and paper shuttle?

28. Pinched your sibling. Begged them to stop crying.

Teasing your sibling is the best pastime. But when they tease you back with their loud cries, you fear your Mother’s wrath and start begging them to stop crying.

29. Ran after that one chappal that beach was taking away with her. In the process, the remaining other was lost in the water too.

Beach killed two birds, in this case, chappals, with one wave!

30. Writing gay fanfiction, secretly, ‘coz you’re afraid of being judged

Ever paired that favourite hero of yours with the villain? Like, pairing Harry and Draco, for example.

31. Touched the tip of your tongue to your nose tip

Most say that this is impossible. But, it isn’t. If you haven’t tried it yet, try now, fellas!

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Have you counted them? How many of the aforementioned things can you do? And, what are they? Tag your friends for more fun! Let us know in the comments below!

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