8 Things To Try To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth In Delhi-NCR

I’m a person who would choose chips over chocolate, anytime. So when I say that these things are worth trying and eating slowly, while the sweetness just takes over your taste buds, I mean business!

1. Freak Shake

Location: Jam Box Shakes, Sector 18, Noida

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You’re going to love it before you even taste it! It looks so tempting. The shake is thick with a soft brownie. And the whipped cream balances the chocolate just the right way.

2. Red Velvet Pastry

Location: Mr Brown, Kaushambi. Ghaziabad

Red velvet is a delicacy which if not made perfect can ruin the whole experience. Mr. Brown has nailed it though. One of my weaknesses, this pastry is the fluffiest and softest thing you’ll ever eat. The cream cheese and the moist red cake are so delectable, you’re not going to be happy with just one!

3. Tiramisu

Location: Wenger’s and Co., Connaught Place, Delhi

If you love coffee and can handle the bitterness of it, this is just for you! Tiramisu is a layered sweet treat of whipped cream and coffee flavoured sponge cake. It’s topped with sprinkled coffee powder. Yum.

4. German Truffle

Location: Sir John’s, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

Image result for german truffle pastry


Now, we’ve all had the basic chocolate truffle, but this is the best kind there is. The key to enjoying this one is to warm it in the microwave before eating it. And the gooey, chocolatey, hot mess is going to make you melt.

5. Nutella Brownie Waffles

Location: Waffle Chowk, Sector 28, Noida

With the upcoming craze about waffles, this is just the dessert for you. Made with chocolate sauce, ice-cream and of course, Nutella, you can’t miss out on this. You’ll be left craving for more!

6. Vanilla Cheese Cake

Location: Pizza Express, Mall of India, Noida

I usually don’t like cheesecakes, but this was something I flat out refused to share with my friends. It was creamy and oh so good. Even if you don’t eat the pizza there, eat the cheesecake!

7. Tender Coconut

Location: Natural’s Ice cream, Connaught Place, Delhi

Yay, ice cream! The Tender Coconut is one of the many amazing flavours available, but the texture and the real pieces of coconut win every time. If you’re an ice cream lover, you must try it!

8. Chocolate truffle

Location: KA Eclairs & Kafe, Sector 18, Noida

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This is a jumbo sized Chocolate Truffle and can be shared between two. The cake and chocolate ratio is perfect. If you’re looking for something simple, yet delicious, this is it!

Have you tried any of these? Do you want to add more? Do let us know in the comment section below!