10 Things To Learn From YouTube

You have no right to complain about not knowing how to do anything. With the rule of YouTube, you can learn anything. There are several new things to learn from YouTube itself. It is just flowing with knowledge.

Here are 10 things to learn from YouTube.

1. Brush Lettering

With the latest calligraphy craze, you can now learn how to use brush pens for brush lettering. And if you don’t have them, a lot of YouTubers will teach you how to use your usual markers or a simple pen to make it look just as pretty.

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2. Language

From Spanish to Urdu, you can enter a whole different world by learning a new language. It’s very interesting and youtube will teach it to you at absolutely no cost. What more can you ask for?

3. Musical Instrument

YouTube is filled with tutorials for instruments from guitars to pianos. They are detailed and slow enough for a beginner to follow along with.

4. Bullet Journaling

If you’re all in for planning your life and being super organised, bullet journaling is for you! You must try it once.

5. Yoga

In for some relaxing exercises while losing some of that thigh weight? Voila, try doing yoga! And all you need to do is see which instructor suits you best! It’s that easy.

6. Notes

Yes, you can even learn how to make study notes on YouTube, and from experience, they do actually help.

7. Kiss

Of course, you might be curious about this one (winks). Though I’ve never seen one of these, let me know if it helps! 😉

8. Envelopes

You can make envelopes out of anything from old maps to wrapping paper. So creative!

9. Zumba

Zumba is an exciting exercise dance form, which will get you energised into time! You surely want to try this if you’re looking to have fun while exercising.

10. Clean your room

If the horrible condition isn’t enough inspiration for you to clean your room, then head on over to YouTube and see how you can start! I might have seen one. Maybe. Huh.

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What are the other things to learn from YouTube? Do let us know in the comment section below!