Starting A New Job? Here Are Tips That Will Come Handy!

These are going to come in very handy!

Now, I have wanted to write on this since long, but I decided it was best to wait till I actually go through the experience. So here I am, excited, confused, mostly happy and a little apprehensive. Starting a new job when you are fresh out of college can be a befuddling and tiresome experience in itself; courtesy the drastic changes in almost everything. In college, you are surrounded all day by your teachers, friends and acquaintances. At work, there is a completely different set of people, mostly all higher in the hierarchy to you. At college, you are at the liberty of studying or bunking. In all seriousness, don’t try NOT working in the workplace! (*wink*) I can go on and on in drawing contrasts, but I will go back to giving you “starting a new job advice” and tell you things to keep in mind before starting a new job.

Things to keep in mind before starting a new job

1. Keep your expectations low

You may have heard a lot of things – both positive and negative about your organization in specific, or what it’s like to have a job in general. My first and foremost advice, don’t form perceptions and build your expectations on them. Remember, nothing is totally good or bad.

starting a new job checklist

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2. Be open to learning

Bear in mind that you are there to utilize what you already know for the benefit of the organization, and also learn new things in the way. This is how you refine yourself, and evolve, professionally.

things to keep in mind before starting a new job

3. Don’t hesitate in asking for help

Since you are the newbie, you may not get a lot of things in one go. Don’t worry, people will help you. But for that, you have to seek help first. Don’t hesitate in extending a hand to reach out to people. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind before starting a new job.

things to keep in mind before starting a new job

4. Understand your organization and its values

This is crucial. Every organization is different. It’s work environment, culture, ethics, core values, clientele; all may be unique to it in some way or the other. For you to be a valued employee, it falls on you to imbibe in your everyday work the culture and values, and give your best.

starting a new job advice

5. Participate

Be an active participant in group discussions, activity sessions, presentations, workshops, meetings and what not! You don’t want to remain the unnoticed fish in the sea. Mark your presence in such a way, it doesn’t go unnoticed!

first day at new job

6. Put forth your opinion

Just because you are new, it does not mean your opinions will not be valued. Your ideas may bring a new perceptive altogether. Even if they get rejected nineteen times, the twentieth time you will make it. And that one idea may be the life changer!

how to start a new job successfully

7. Make friends

Be friendly to your teammates. Show interest in people’s work and recognize their efforts. You never know when you just click with a person! Take your time if you want to, but do not shell yourself completely.

starting a new job checklist

8. Maintain professionalism

Be a professional. All workplaces nurture their own set of gossips and office politics. You don’t want to be a part of it. If you come to know of something, keep it to yourself. Nod along, and continue with your work.

things to keep in mind before starting a new job

9. Try to cope up with the stress

Stress will always make its presence felt. You will feel this sudden pressure of coping up with so many changes in your life, missing family and friends, meeting your organization’s expectations, learning so many new things and so on. Have patience. Relax. Stay cool. Things will fall into place with time.

starting a new job advice


10. Have the strength to hear criticism

You are not perfect, understand that. When people with experience talk, hear them out with an open mind. Build up in a positive way on your criticism, rather than being offended or demoralized by it.

things to keep in mind before starting a new job

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That would be all from my side. I know you all are going to rock! All the best for a great future.

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